An Interesting Promotion (aka-There’s excitement and then there’s “excitement O.o”)

So, this has been a day of surprises from start to finish. I woke up earlier than I wanted to this morning when my mother came it to tell me that I wasn’t going to get to sleep in after all and that I had to go to the optometrist’s office that my mother worked at to have an appointment. They needed one more person to make quota for the week (they’ve been having trouble because of the economy). So, I haul my behind out of bed, and headed on in there. They ended up doing a couple more tests on me than normal because I told him glaucoma runs in my Dad’s side of the family. The good news is my pressure’s low and my cornea is thick enough to be okay if the pressure ever goes up one day. So that was good.

After that I went with my mother and her best friend to shop for fabric and go to the book fair. I don’t know whether I’ve matured or what, but the selection at the fair this time seemed really poor. There was one thing I picked up, though, that I was really glad I found-a Writer’s Market for Short Stories and Novels. We got dinner out, and listened to stories from my mom’s friend’s life. My lord, if I tried to write it as a novel, no one would accept it; they’d think it was too ridiculous!

Anyways, we got home alright, it’s only an hour or so drive to the nearest city/mall/pretty much anything. So we get back and I have just enough time to sit down at my computer and start this blog when the phone rings. On it is my mom’s boss. She’s also in charge of Girl Scout Day Camp (another thing I’m volunteering at). I was supposed to have been an assistant unit leader for the Cadet’s (middle schoolers), and basically I’m there to run interference while the unit leader is switching between projects, and to keep the girls together. Now I’m going to be running the whole show. While I will have assistants of my own, it makes me more than a little nervous. Thankfully all the planning has already been done. All I’ll have to do is follow what’s already been laid out for me (though I am allowed to make changes to the schedule if I think it’s necessary.) So yeah, that’s been a little bit of a shock to my system. I really hope that I can get everything done. Mom and her boss have faith in me, though, so I guess that’s something.

So yeah, that’s been my busy day out. Unfortunately that means I haven’t actually gotten any editing done (though I do think finding that Writer’s Market book should count for something). Morn told me yesterday that my edits were actually helping Calling Down the Rain, and suggested I add some exposition to the beginning to show exactly how bad things are. Hopefully by the time I show it to Fiffy and Silv it will be something worth sending out.

I’d also like to make a shout out to RoberII (though I’m sure he’ll never read it). You really had me fooled for a minute there with the new screen name, and I was wondering who the hell was making all those posts. Its okay if it’s you, though!

Remember, comments are always appreciated. It makes me feel loved and lets me know people are actually reading what I write.


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