Another Long Day (aka-Dang am I tired!)

So, I once again got up earlier today than I really wanted to. The minister had the bright idea of redoing the church directory with pictures. Now admittedly the “current” directory has a picture of me when I was in elementary school along with people who died more than ten years ago, but did he have to do it right after Bible School? If that wasn’t bad enough, he asked my mother to help him set stuff up. He knows we live 45 minutes away from the church, why is he asking her? There are plenty of other people who live a whole lot closer that could have done the same thing. I guess that’s what she gets for having helium hand, though (Helium Hand: A condition where the sufferer has the inability to say no to any request made of them). So, we left for church 45 minutes early, meaning I had to get up equally early. Grrrr…

At church mom had to iron the fabric we’d bought (yesterday) and I got to hang it in the library, set up the cameras, and get things out of the way (we were doing two shoots at a time along the bookshelf). Suddenly I realized that church was about to start, so I hurried into the sanctuary just in time to sit down. Thankfully the Sunday after VBS is always a recap of the week for those who didn’t get to make it out to see what was going on with the kids. They sang lots of songs I had no clue as to what the words were, but thankfully I’m good at guessing rhymes. Equally thankfully I have a quick ear, so helping with the singing wasn’t impossible. What was scary was when the staff was forced to get up and sing. I know for a fact that more than half the staff members had never heard the music before, let alone looked at the words. Luckily the song repeated the same verse twice. The first time through was um..pretty rough. The second time sounded much nicer, though. I wonder if anyone in the congregation picked up on the fact that we sang the second time through better because we didn’t know the words the first time.

After lots of bad singing (the kids weren’t too into performing for the adults either) the service was finally over. I started breaking stuff down as soon as the pastor left. In the end I did almost everything myself too. I took all the props back, recruited help to take down the day shade we had up, got help to move some really frickin heavy furniture (that means they’re sturdy, right?), and generally got things in order. Well in order if you count the props congregating together in an amoeba like blob that actually managed to swallow someone’s keys. At that point my mother had just finished taking the last person’s picture and so came to help me put the props away. Which brings me back to why my mother and I are the only ones setting stuff up and taking it down. Damn helium hand runs in the family (though in this case it was more of “if I don’t do this now, Mom’s going to stay EVEN LONGER to do it herself ’cause no one else really is going to”).

Anyways, on to a subject that doesn’t annoy me. Or well, it shouldn’t. It kind of does, though, mostly because I haven’t touched Calling down the Rain in +2 days. I know I should, but editing it is really slow, tedious and frustrating to me. There are so many other more interesting things to take up my attention, like a blog. I’m going to make myself work on it later though (after I finish the blog!). Hopefully I’ll have good news tomorrow about my progress. So yeah, I’ll talk to you all later.

Remember, if it looks like no one’s going to do the work, you better. Otherwise your mother will guilt trip you about it.

Comments are always appreciated. They make me feel loved.



  1. Auch. LONG day for both of us it seems! Try and look on the bright sides of karma and a good workout!

    ^^; For me it’s not a guilt-trip from mom that gets me. It’s my dad blowing a gasket. Though I think parents are trained for guilt-tripping…

    Anywho… Good luck with the editing! Here if you want or need anything. 🙂

  2. Parents are definately trained for guilt-tripping. It is part of the package. As someone who grew up ‘willingly assisting’ in a vast range of ‘fun and spiritually-rewarding’ church activities, I understand the great joy of such things.

    1. I don’t mind helping out. I mind doing everything. There are PLENTY of people in the church. Why did my mom and I get stuck doing all the work?

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