Contacts (aka-Woah! Why’s the room all funky?!)

So, after one glorious day of getting to sleep in, we’re back to waking me up far earlier than I’d really like to be awake. Today’s awakening comes courtesy of the William and Mary Financial Aid Office. Apparently she didn’t realize she was calling at a quarter till 8. Great. So it took me a while to fall asleep again. I have a hard time falling asleep when it’s light out (I think that’s the only thing that keeps me from going nocturnal). She calls back at quarter after 10 (15 minutes before my alarm was set to). And she wants to know number. Normally I don’t have a problem with memorizing number, but really, I’d just woken up. Luckily I could remember my social security number (though it took a minute) I had to go upstairs to find my ID number, though. Then she tells me I’m not in THEIR system. Great. She promises to call back, though.

So, instead of taking a shower, I spent the morning by the phone, waiting for her to call. I should have known better. It took her too weeks for me to get in touch with her, why should I have expected a prompt return call? So, after reading Morn’s shout out to me I gave up to go take a shower.

After a very nice shower (she didn’t call, if you were wondering) I got to have yet another adventure, oh joy. Last week’s eye appointment came back to haunt me today. I was supposed to go in for a check up with the contact lenses.I went to put in my right contact lens. Wow, that looks great. I go to grab my other and discover the case I was given for the left eye never had a lens in it. Great. Now I look like Popeye the sailor. I can’t drive to go get a new one because my depth perception’s all screwed up. Thankfully my dad agrees to go get me it.

He comes home and gives me the other lens and tells me I’m going to have to reschedule the appointment. The people at the office apparently wanted me to be wearing them lenses for a while. Great. So my appointment has been rescheduled for next week. And my sense of balance is currently all screwed up by the contacts because my prescription changed again. Yeah.

Did I mention the lady from financial aid never called back? I’m thinking I’m going to have to get up at like 7-8am tomorrow to make sure I catch the lady. Darn morning people. I guess I can’t say too much. I get up that early when I’m camping. I blame that on the sun though. Now if only my body would function on less sleep, I’d stay up late and get up early.

On the story front, I’m getting to the section that was okay to begin with (you know the part I was inspired to write, not the part I slogged my way through with a shovel). While this means the over all writing is better, it also means my job is now harder. I can’t just pick out the bad stuff as easily any more. Now I have to be careful as I weed out the bad that I don’t accidentally remove the good parts with it. Pardon me while I grumble my way through the last section.

Remember the early bird catches the worm. Or in this case the financial aid worker.

Comments are always appreciated. They make me feel loved.


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