Odd Dreams (aka-I want to fly a bike kite)

Let’s start this off simply. I blame Anansi the story spider for all of my weird dreams that end up giving me idea for/are linear enough to become stories. I suppose he’s resorted to this since I don’t daydream nearly as much as I used to (but my grades have improved. Go figure). So, instead of feeding me new ideas while I’m awake, he shoves them at me while I’m asleep. Unfortunately in the jumble of my subconscious, it takes a little bit of effort to sort out the story idea from what’s been thrown together via the days events. So, now that we know that Anansi is to blame for all of my dreams, we can move on to see what mayhem he reeks.

No, I won’t tell you all the details (I’m a story hoarder), but I’ll give you some highlights: Bike kites, benevolent and evil spiders, personified mountains that end up as drinking buddies. Yeah. Interesting night.

After I finally got up there were the usual chores (I’ll save the Adventures of the Laundry Room for another time), played a little Mad Gardener (the hat actually only went on when I realized I’d fry in about five minutes without it). Suddenly, late in the afternoon, I got a phone call. Anyone want to guess who it was from? That’s right! Financial Aid FINALLY decided to return my call! That’s the good news. The bad news is that I have to wait till Friday to try to get my loan again. Thanks guys, you’re really helping me out here. So, after that, I look at the time and realize I’d better hurry if I’m going to be ready for my 5pm meeting with the woman who’s job I’m taking from day camp. After a lengthy search, I find what I need to know so I’m prepared with what I’m comfortable teaching, and what I’m not. All I need now is the schedule I’ve been promised.

And that’s when the other shoe dropped. I’ve said before how I didn’t think the woman was really prepared. Turns out I was right, and then some. She had only the vaguest of ideas as to how the week would go, and even that was sketchy at best. So I spent more than an hour figuring out what could be done by whom and what I could double up so I didn’t have to do as much work. Now I’m just waiting for people to call me so I can try to figure out how this jigsaw puzzle is going to fit together. Rapture.

I guess what all this means is that I’m made little to no headway today on editing the darn story. I guess that’s because every time I sit down to try, something pops up. This is particularly annoying because I REALLY wanted it finished by the time I started Day Camp next week. Great. Will someone shoot me now? Or maybe volunteer to take over editing duties. While we’re wishing, I’d like a long running book contract as well.

Remember, bike kites are the transportation breakthrough of the future. Also, if you’re promised a schedule, don’t expect it to materialize.

Comments are all that are keeping me sane.

PS-Tags aren’t working again.


One comment

  1. Awww… Sounds like a rough day. And I know very little about girl scouts, but if I could help with the volunteer work, I would.

    Editing wise though I’ll see what I can do if you can send me a copy. 🙂 And I look forward to the next one! 😛 Especially the mountains who are drinking buddies.

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