More Work (aka-I’m cranky)

So, I’ve been going strong for what, a week now? Lovely. Today’s the first day I’ve really felt like skipping a day. I’ve been feeling off ever since I tried to wake up this morning at 7am and found I couldn’t be bothered to drag my rear out of bed. I finally made myself get up at about 9:30ish, but I could have slept a lot longer. This is funny considering it wasn’t even 1am when I went to bed last night. So, after dragging myself downstairs with every intention of working on the Girl Scout plans until they were finished, I found myself looking at the Fifthwind Forum and growling. Dear lord Bobby pisses me off sometimes.

For those of you who don’t know, Bobby, also known as RoberII and now Abain, was a member of the original Fifthwind Forums years and years ago. He was a good writer, with a little bit of an ego. Fiffy, Morn, and a few other good writers palled around with him a lot. When the forums restarted he came back and for a time things were the same. After a while, though, he started to lose confidence in himself and his writing. It got to the point where he didn’t want to write at all. So when Fiffy got us a new forum, he didn’t make the transition. Or at least we didn’t think he had.

Bobby’s back. And causing trouble. Since he left, the forum’s changed. While he’s making some fairly valid points, the way he’s doing it is annoying the HELL out of me! Not that he cares. By the way, I forgot to mention-in the older forums, I was not the best writer. While I’m no where near perfect now, I’ve been steadily improving (at least I like to think so). So, needless to say, I was never in the old pals group. He never considered me on his level, and he still doesn’t. I should be used to it by now. So why am I annoyed by it?

Anyways, after a short, pissed off post, I went to edit. I’ve finished my first edit of Calling Down the Rain, but somehow I’m not as happy as I should be. Editing the sucker was a b**** and a half. Because my initial write is the same as how I think, it’s full of unnecesary phrases and crappy word choices. I had to go back line by line and take out what didn’t need to be there. Even with the addition of two fair sized paragraphs to the beginning, I still lopped off more than three hundred words to the total word count. It’s done, though. Dear lord, I can’t imagine what editing an actual novel is going to be like.

I’m 1/4 of the way done with the planning. Or rather, I’m 1/4 of the way through planning each event/making a supply list. After that I’ll need to put it all together into a coherent time table. Joy. Stay tuned for watching me drive myself insain.

Remember, respect is earned, not deserved.

Comments tilt the sanity score back to the positive side.

PS-Tags are working again.


One comment

  1. Sanity is overrated.

    CDtR looks vastly better than it originally did. Think of it as a learning experience for editing.

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