Stress (aka-Grumble, grumble, grouse, grumble)

So a few good things have happened today that have made today less stressful than yesterday. I’m still trying to get things in order for the Girl Scout ting next week. While I did get the basic plans for all of the different badges outlined yesterday, I have yet to make more intricate plans/individual plans. Not that difficult, but sitting down and making myself do it isn’t easy. Especially with numerous distractions. Not that I don’t love those distractions, but really, I should do that. Really. I should.

So, instead, I decided to help Fiffy recruit some new writers by spamming dA. I actually found a couple of decent ones. I have to say I have a few favorite stories. First we have Necromancy for Novices a nice, short little piece about a necromancer struggling to make it in an apprenticeship. Then we have The Dancing Train. A story about why you should listen when your mother tells you not to do something. I’ll liked that one a lot. And finally we have 28 Blows, a high fantasy piece that just made me smile at the little budding author. I have to say, I really hope these three in particular come to see us/join. We really do need some new blood. Us old fogies are really starting to slow down. We need someone to pass on our “wisdom” to. Dear lord, I just realised I’ve been on one version of this site or another for five years. I feel old. Really, really old. It doesn’t help that I am now TEACHING what I can remember learning only a few short years ago. I’m not old enough to be a teacher, right? What’s worse is that all the people who taught me are now insisting that I call THEM by their FIRST NAME. That can’t be right. It’s disrespectful or something. I’ll bet the kids are going to want to call me by my last name too. Oh the Horror..the horror (with all do respect to Joseph Conrad).

To add to said horror, I had a meeting today. Yeah, it went fine. I think. I suddenly realized how NOT prepared I am for this! Someone save me. I really, really need to get the schedule done. The things I need other people to do sent out, things I don’t want to do myself pawned off to other people, etc, etc. There’s so much stuff left to take care of, I don’t know how the heck I’m going to get all of it done. And yet everyone has faith in me. Maybe they just know how good I am at flying by the seat of my pants.

Anyways, there’s more good news on the story front. I got Calling Down the Rain edited and sent out to my second set of readers/editors. I’m fairly happy with the story as it is, though if you ask me again in a couple months I might tell you something different. Hopefully, though, I will be able to start sending this story out before summer ends. Either way, I’ll be starting the next story Good Night Earth tomorrow. Or I plan on it anyways. Lord only knows how much time I’ll have.

Remember, they WILL call you by your last name one day. Most likely it will be far earlier than you would like them to.

Will write funny posts for comments


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