Planned (aka-Oh, my poor spinning head)

So today has been busy. Really busy. I woke up late again, which isn’t a complete surprise since I went to bed at 2am. What did surprise me was the backache I found as soon as I crawled out from between my covers. Popping my back didn’t help. Deciding I might be able to walk it off I started about my morning routine. That’s when I discovered my mother had slept even later than I had (I actually went to check to make sure she was okay. She doesn’t normally sleep late. Thankfully she was just sleeping). I had actually thought of doing a return of the Mad Gardener since today was the subdivision work day. I awoke too late, though, and so promptly hopped onto the computer to do more work on the Girl Scout stuff.

And that, my dear friends, has been how I spent the majority of my day. Planning for next week. You’ll be getting daily battle logs instead of your usual blogs. I have a ton of special needs girls in my group, so I might not be doing everything quite like I’m used to. We have a diabetic, a girl who can’t eat anything we make, a girl who needs the bathroom every two hours..the list goes on and on. The icing on the cake is the autistic girl. Like I said. Battle logs. I’ll be lucky to make it out of this next week with what little sanity I have left. I do intend to hand off as many tasks to other people as I can. I’ve got three helpers (only two of whom will be there full time), surely they can pick up some of the responsibility. I’m not old enough to deal with all this on my own yet!

In other news, we have three new members at the Fifthwind Forum, and I must gloat a little that they’re all my recruites. AND! One of them is the wonderful author of the piece Necromancy for Novices. I must cheer. The second is the author of another piece I liked The Baykok. Go say hi to them. Also say hi to Silviril. She’s a good friend of mine, one I’ve known online longer than I’ve been a member of The Fifthwind (she also, incidentally, has an inferiority complex about her work when she’s actually a spendid writer). So, to all of you who have yet to go spam dA DO IT! We have need of new blood.

On the story front we have..nada. I’ve done absolutely nothing so far today on any stories. Like I said before, I spent the entire day planning for next week, so I really didn’t get to do anything I wanted to do. Before I start the next short story, I also have several projects for Mornara. I have to write a book review which, depending on how professional a review she wants, could take anywhere from 3-5 days (that’s if I have to reread the book). She also wants a analysis of the Tarot card archytypes in literature. That’s going to take a while as well. All in all, the projects will probably take me to August. I have to have them done by then because I leave for Pennsic. So realistically, I might not get to start Goodnight Earth until after I get back from Pennsic. I really hope to start sooner, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Remember, betting pools on whether I’ll make it through next week or not are strongly discouraged.

Comments encourage me to write faster. Really. I swear.


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  1. Dammit, you mean I wasn’t supposed to toss in with Fif and Silv on that pool? CRAP.

    Take your time on the archytpes. I know how it is to be too busy. I’d actually sort of forgotten. CRAP again. That’s another thing to add to the list.

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