A Slow Day (aka-Racing motorcycles in a minivan)

Last night after I posted the blog, my mom and I went out to print stuff off for Day Camp. Afterward we decided to get ice cream since it’s just a little bit down the road to McDonalds. So we are heading on down the road when my mother notices a group of motorcycles as she put it “bearing down on us”. It’s not unusual, we are a high tourist population area, and there’s a motorcycle custom shop about five to ten more minutes further down the road. So we watch as they start to pass us. And then they see the red light up ahead. Now because we’re going around a nice little bend, it’s actually a little longer to the light than one might think. My mom, being a local, knows that the light should turn green before we get there, so as the bikes are decelerating a lot, she’s only decelerating a little. And then the light does turn green. Now mind you, the bikes are still moving, but we’ve caught up to the leader of the pack, so they’re not moving fast. As soon as that light turned green, mom’s foot switched from the brake to the gas pedal, and away we went, we left the motorcycles in our dust. I hope they didn’t see us laughing at them. They might have, though, cause they ROARED past us at the first opportunity.

My brother actually got back today. He’s been away for three weeks at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. Of course the first thing I noticed when I saw him what that he’d lost 17 pounds in three weeks and looks great. Or at least he looked taller. I really hope he keeps the weight off. Anyways, we had to get his laundry out of the way quickly so that we could get everything ready for last minute prep for Day Camp. This means pulling all the pieces together so that tomorrow they’ll be ready to go. I will be battle ready by tomorrow.

On the story front we have..well I had two ideas while riding in the car today. That counts, right? I mean, thought of a way to fix a part of one story that’s on the back burner planning stages (that means when I get an idea for that story, I stick it into the frame work. Sounds haphazard, but it works.) I also thought of something to do with Fast Food, or at least another scene from it (picture a little old lady driving the lead car in a chase scene. Yeah, it amuses me too.)

Remember, the minivan will win. The minivan always wins.

Comments are desperately needed.


One comment

  1. That thing about the motorcycles? Awesome. And very silly.

    Good luck tomorrow! You can do it! And if they get to be too much just take a moment and some deep breaths. They can do wonders.

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