Day Camp Battle Log 001

Begin Transmission

The first day is over. more than 80 girls showed up at day camp, and there were 22 in my unit. 22 third-fifth graders. The mental gap can be astounding. Thankfully we haven’t run into too many problems so far. In fact I don’t think we’ve really run into any problems. We’ll have to see how that keeps up, though. I’m happy to report that there were no major casualties, despite having so many special needs children in my unit. There was one girl who had to go back from a hike early because she was getting the start of an asma attack (or rather it was getting hard for her to breath), but everyone else made it intact. I also got everything on the list for today done, with time to spare. I am going to have to ramp things up for tomorrow, but we’ll see how it goes. One thing we were really lucky in is that the rain held off. I wasn’t sure that it was going to, and at the end it really did threaten to storm, but thankfully it only dripped at most (despite the wildlife people having driven through torrential downpoars to get to us.)

So, another internet saga. Some of you might remember that a while back my internet went out for an entire weekend. After that little episode, things were good for a while. Then we got some HEAVY rains. After they cleared, there was a persistant hum on the line. The phone company came and laid a line ON TOP OF THE GRASS to fix the problem. Thankfully this was only a temporary fix. About a week ago, the phone company came and buryed the new wire. Great, the telephone (and the internet) are fixed for good, right? Wrong. Ever since they burried the wire, the internet has been going in and out. It knocks me out of chat, IM, etc, and today knocked me off of the site where I was trying to look at my academic transcript. Not cool. And guess who sent an automated message this afternoon, asking if we were happy with our repairs. I’m going to let dad handle this one.

On the story front, I’m currently working on that book review for Mornara. With any luck I’ll finish it tonight and have one less thing on my to do list. With that out of the way, I should only have 22 more essays to write on the Tarot cards. Sure, I’ll be finished in no time. Hopefully I get them to her before her deadline, but I’m not counting on it. I’m actually not counting on anything at this point. Though I really am going to start posting things on Fifthwind for review whether Fiffy and Silv get back to me or not. I want this thing out, and they’re not being forthcoming with their reviews. I know Fifthwind actually has two stories in line for review before mine, so I might have to go without his no matter what happens. I really don’t want to, though. Anyways, here’s hoping I get the reviews soon.

Comments are greatly appreciated

End Transmission


One comment

  1. Fif is pretty slow on getting back to everyone. He admits to neglecting you guys.

    But I’d go ahead and get it polished up from the feedback in the private room. He might actually get back to you by then!

    (and if Fif reads this… Luv ya Fiffi)

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