Day Camp Battle Log 002

Begin Transmission

Day two ended with no casualties, despite working with hazardous materials and the girls’ seeming determination to spray bleach water everywhere. They made t-shirts today (lime green so they’re easy to spot when they get lost in the woods. Would have prefered orange, but I didn’t exactly get a choice). We used bleach to make patterns on the shirts. They look pretty good if I do say so myself. After spraying, we had a ton of bleach water left. I went into the men’s restroom (which stunk to high heaven of urine) and sprayed the heck out of the sink and the toilets. Now, while bleach isn’t a substitute for actual toilet bowl cleaner, at least it made the bathroom smell better. I’m considering bringing some serious cleaning supplies for that place (my girls have had to use that restroom when there are younger girls in the other one. Everyone complains about the smell, and I refuse to let my girls use the sink, even after spraying it with bleach. multiple time. Yes, it really is that disgusting.) The other thing we managed today without killing ourselves was archery. Sure, they only fired two shots, but it took close to an hour to get all 22 girls through (they were working with each girl individually as she shot.)

In other news, someone came to look at the internet today. They happened to catch it while it was out. My brother said they had some very insightful comments such as “Huh, well that’s not supposed to happen” and “I wonder why it’s doin’ that.” Needless to say, I’m far from impressed with this whole deal. I’m just hoping that the next chapter in this on going drama won’t leave me without internet. I’m not counting on it, though.

I’ll most likely be late tomorrow, which is funny because I’ll be leaving Day Camp early. I have a consultation with an oral surgeon about getting my wisdom teeth taken out. I’m not entirely thrilled with the prospect-this will be the first time I’ve been under general anesthesia since I was 11 months old. I hate local anesthetic. I also really hate anything that makes me groggy. This isn’t going to be pleasant. Maybe I could do what my father did and sleep 32 hours straight. He swears he never felt a thing.

On the story front, I have a few critiques back for Calling Down the Rain, and hopefully I’ll be just about ready to send it out by the end of the week. Now if only I had some idea where to send it, and/or how to do a cover letter for it, I’d be in good standing. As it is, I’ll probably be looking that up after I finish with things Friday. Now I just need to plow through that book review and those short essays. Yes, I know, good luck.

Comments are greatly appreciated

End Transmission


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