Battle Log 003

Begin Transmission

Though my best efforts, none of the girls were lost in the lake today (though a few of them did give me a run for my money.) Today was a water day in the morning. After slathering the girls in both sunscreen and bug spray, we made our way down to the lake. There after a quick lesson (and a not so quick getting on of life jackets/getting girls into the water; that’s what happens with 22 girls) we were off in the lake. The girls were all in canoes. Three of the adults were also in a canoe with a girl. My program aid and I were out in kayaks. They allowed us to cruise around the lake at a relatively fast speed to get to girls that needed help. I have a relatively young group this year, and so many of the girls had never been in a canoe before. Some of them were a little afraid, which led to the top three fears I had to dispel. First, there are no snakes in the middle of the lake. Second, the canoe is actually very hard to tip over, so really, there’s more of a chance of you falling in. And finally no, as cool it would be, there are not alligators in the lake.

Kayaking ended up being more of a chase for me as I paddled all around the lake, going from girl to girl, and making sure they wouldn’t go back in the cove area (the cove is notorious for it’s odd currents and winds that trap girls so that they can’t paddle out.) The adults ended up basically being sheep dogs. After letting the girls scatter, we then had to round them up again. Next year I think I might go out ahead of the girls so that there’s someone out there to keep them from scattering so much. Not that I think that would actually work, but it’s worth trying, right?

After canoeing was swimming. Several of the girls made a valiant attempt to drown themselves, but, seeing as I’m expected to return them all in working condition, I forced several of them to rest when they started to have trouble. Much to their dismay, of course. Because this is the only day we’re going to get to swim, I let them stay late, meaning we were late to lunch. No biggy, though. After lunch I had to leave for that pre-op appointment. Just so everyone knows, I’m getting my wisdom teeth out on FRIDAY, AUGUST 14th. Yeah, don’t expect me to be on much that day, and don’t expect coherency for a while after that. After the appointment, my mom and I messed around in the city for a while so she didn’t have to go to work, and finally we headed home. Got to race thunderstorms again. Luckily they were headed north, not east.

So, as I’m sure you can tell, I have yet to do any writing today. I’ll try to work on it soon, but I wouldn’t count on it. I really need to do some serious editing to Calling Down the Rain (Yes, I know I said that I thought it was almost done. Unfortunately some people have pointed out some serious flaws in it.) I still want to send it out for the first time before I leave next Friday, so I’ll keep going on that. Wish me luck.

Comments are greatly appreciated

End Transmission


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