Battle Log 004

Begin Transmission

Once again, though the girls tried really hard, I managed to keep them from burning themselves, getting lost in the woods, or poisoning themselves. This morning we did an entire cooking badge. Always fun. We made ice cream in a bag, chickens in a can, pie and cake in pots (Mmmm, pineapple upside down cake…), cherry pie on a stick, cookies in a box oven, and banana boats. Yeah, lots of food. Some girls made a lunch of it (though there wasn’t enough for everyone to do so.) I spent most of my time trying to get them ready to cook and making sure they didn’t burn themselves. I’m happy to report no casualties.

After lunch we went on another nature hike. About half the group tried to get themselves left behind on multiple occasions (SLOW!!!). After completing the nature stroll, we did a really bad orienteering course set up by the Cadets (they had us going back and forth several times. I got my revenge by telling the girls their last set was a lot longer than the Cadets had intended it to be, and they ended up in their shelter to harass them. Ah, sweet vengeance.

After that we went back to the unit shelter and made water clocks. Apparently some of the girls were a) thirsty and b) had forgotten they’d drawn all over their cups and c) that I’d poked a hole in those cups with an uncleaned knife. “Don’t drink from the water clock” is NOT something I every thought I’d have to say.

So, today, I hope, will hold the record for the attempts of the girls to do themselves (if unintentional) harm. Though tomorrow I have to worry about sharp objects and poisoning the entire camp (we’re helping prepare the food, and we have to clean the bathrooms since we didn’t get to it today). That is, however their last valiant effort to do away with someone, because camp ends tomorrow. Now I just have to finish preparing all of the badges and the like I’m sending home with them and try to figure out if I’m really going to begrudge some girls certain badges because they weren’t here certain days. I think technically I have to. It really stinks, but I don’t want to be dishonest. I’ll probably write on the backs of the girl’s sheets what they missed, and what they’ll have to make up in order for them to earn the badge.

So I talked to Mornara for a while last night, and I’ve figured out a little of what I’m going to do with Calling Down the Rain. Instead of adding the large chunks of narrative like a few members were suggesting, I think I’m going to add a few sentences here and there to solidify the setting. Nothing overtly noticeable, at most I’ll insert an entire small paragraph, but probably nothing more than that. I know that certain people aren’t happy with the dialogue to narrative ratio, but that’s how I wrote the story, and that’s the way I think it works. We’ll have to see what the editors think of it, though. Hopefully I’ll finish up editing that tonight. Wish me luck, I think I might need it.

Comments are always appreciated.

End Transmission


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