Battle Log 005

Begin Transmission

It’s OVER! The long ordeal has finally finished. And though the girls made a spectacular effort to poison the entire camp with what they did through today’s lunch, I’m glad to say they failed on all counts (Is sent the girls to go clean the bathrooms before they started; in hind site maybe I should have done it afterward, but they were wound up enough that I was glad I didn’t wait. And I’m assuming Lysol is bad for the average human digestion.)

So, after chopping all the vegetables that needed to be chopped, I sent the girls out to play/burn off energy. Lunch was good (one of the leaders made an interesting observation: more kids are eating salad now than they were nine years ago. It’s something that makes me smile :D) and afterward the kids went to do S’mores. While they were gone, the other leaders and I sat down to frantically try to sort out the photos I’d been given of the girls. I thing we did alright and got the right photos to the right girls. At least I hope so. When the girls got back, they had some more free time in which they came up with end of week skits. Those were somewhat entertaining.

And then it was done. The girls were gone and we were left to clean up the very little there was left to pick up. We ended up making a plant drop (another famous pass time of the Mad Gardening Team) at the local thrift store with all the plants the girls hadn’t taken home (vegetable plants that were donated to us.) And then we came home. Unloading the car went fast, and we conned my brother into vacuuming the car. I guess all that’s left to do now is wash the dirty dishes (and with any luck I’ll con my brother into doing that too!) If not I’ll do them tomorrow. After I sleep in. I’m not planning on being up before noon. I’m sure I’ll have a plethora of other neglected things to do as well. Especially with Pennsic coming up in a week. Oh, did I mention I was going away for a week starting next week? Yeah, the largest SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) event on the east coast will be starting this coming week. I’m going to the second week of it. It’ll be fun. And I’ll try to get some writing done. We won’t have electricity or internet, though, so while a select few of you might get phone calls (you know who you are) don’t expect any contact otherwise. Blogs will resume at a regular pace after the week.

On the writing front, I’ll most likely be doing most of the work that needs to be done tomorrow, after I’ve had some sleep. That is not to say that I won’t be working on it today, but I’m really not in peak condition to be reworking a story that I have high hopes for getting published. So, in deference to my poor story, I will only be doing some light work on it today, and I’ll wait till Anansi has visited me to work with the majority of it. Poor story.

Remember, if at first they don’t succeed, the juniors WILL try to kill again. Only on a grander scale.

Comments might keep me awake. Can I have comments? Please? Pretty please?


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