Pictures (aka-Annoying the CRAP out of my best friend)

I think we’re back to the ‘getting up before I really want to’ sequence. Though to be fair, it was 11am before my friend called, or rather 11am before my brother answered the phone she was calling (my cell phone had been conspicuously left downstairs last night after I went to bed). She wanted to come over and give my family souvenirs and tell us about her trip to England (her long term boyfriend is English). So, I told her to come over in an hour (mom was still asleep), and went to get dressed. After a brief jaunt through cyberspace, she arrived. After handing out souvenirs from across the pond, my mother and I spent the next three hours looking at pictures of her trip. Not that I really minded. It was really interesting, and I REALLY want to visit England now. Yes, your typical American tourist. Anyway, she was going to play WoW for a little while, but had to leave as there was an approaching line of thunderstorms she didn’t want to get caught behind (and boy were they NASTY whey they hit! I haven’t seen rain that hard in quite a while).

After she left there was another “Great Phone Hunt”. Said hunts are a normal part of my family life, joined by another of the same category, the “Great Remote Hunt” (my younger brother is very ADHD, and so different household items have a tendency to disappear for a time, only to be discovered in the oddest of places). I have to say, there was something a little odd about this one, though. This particular phone has been missing for a while. No one could remember picking it up, or even really when the last time they saw it was. So we all were searching the house for it. I was upstairs when suddenly someone yelled that the phone had been found. Where was it, you ask? Why on the charger. Who put it there? No one seems to know how it got there, or at least no one will own up to it. I’m blaming it on the house spirits/ghosts. At least they found the phone (though they’re probably the ones that lost it in the first place.)

And then my brother turned on Spinaltap. Personally, I’m not sure what all the hype is about. Sure it’s funny, but as he said, it’s not laugh out loud comedy. It’s amusing yes, hilarious, no. Or maybe we didn’t watch it far enough. We only got halfway through before my brother stopped it to do something else. And I didn’t really care to turn it back on. Sorry.

So, what this means is that yet again, I haven’t done the editing I wanted to (yet). Hopefully I’ll be able to work on it some later this evening and then do the rest of it tomorrow. I really want to get this stuff done so that I can start Goodnight Earth before I leave for Pennsic. I hope I can do the story justice.

Remember, annoying your best friend is time well spent.

My kingdom for comments.


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