Fixing Stoves (aka-No More Musical Burner)

So after making a quick attempt to clean my room this morning (and discovering more writing notebooks in my possession than I’d previously thought possible), I decided to go downstairs to attempt to finish up Calling Down the Rain. While I was in the living room typing away, I heard banging in the kitchen. Now, I knew my brother was still in bed (he went to bed after I did, and that was pretty late in and of itself), so that meant it was either my dad or the cat in the kitchen. And I was really hoping from the sounds I was hearing that it wasn’t the cat. So, being the adventurous type, I went to see what dad was breaking in the kitchen. I walk in to find most of the stove top disassembled and several crispy pieces of hardware relocated to the counter top.

Now, I suppose I should explain to everyone that our stove has been on the fritz for..lets just say it’s been a really, really long time. The burners had the alarming tendency not to want to work unless a pot was put on the juuuuust right. That is to say when they decided to work at all. For a while there we were down to just the back left burner before two of the others decided that they wanted to play again. After a small fiasco with last week’s dinner, dad finally decided he’d had enough (rather, he finally experienced the problems the rest of us had been complaining about forever). So he went to the place where we got the stove from originally and got replacement burners. Expensive replacement burners. And little boxes (the guy at the appliance store knew enough to tell dad that if the burners looked a certain way, those boxes needed to be replaced too.) So yes, I tested the new burner/boxes and cooked soup. And it cooked without crackling, popping, turning off and refusing to turn back on, or a host of other annoying problems that have plagued us.

On to bigger topics. Between yesterday and today, I have more page views than I’ve gotten since I joined (which in and of itself is pretty sad). I suppose this means I need to do more blogs on serious writing and less talking about myself and my day. Well, we’ll see, though I suppose I probably could be talked into doing a once a week serious writing discussion (or something like that). I know that I need to do some writing workshops for The Fifthwind Forum because of all the new and somewhat inexperienced writers I’ve been pulling in. They’ve got a start, but quite a few need some nudges in the right direction (just like I did when I was that new a writer). So, once a week for spiked page views!

On the related note of slightly inflated page views, apparently you can’t use the word “misanthropy” without people jumping on you, expecting your blog to contain the dark words of a tortured soul. Or something like that (for those of you who aren’t vocab nerds like me, misanthropy means a general fear or distrust of other human beings that can range from mild to outright hatred). Don’t believe me? Take a look at this. Poor Mornara puts up with so much crap.

So, on to Calling Down the Rain. I got a two more reviews back today. Just a few nit picky things from Morn, and one thing from Amber. Apparently I’m being a little too subtle with a certain point, so before I send it off, I have to make it absolutely clear who killed who and who made the rain come. Luckily I should be able to kill two birds with one stone just by showing who did the killing, but we’ll have to see. To be absolutely sure I’ll need to test it on yet another fresh reader. Probably my mom.

Remember misanthropy is not a word to be taken lightly, so use it with care.

I seek the Published Book. Please help me on my quest by commenting.


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