Reboot (aka-The #1 reason I want to do serious harm to my computer)

I really hate the feature on a computer that thinks it’s smarter than you and that it can tell you that it knows when the best time to reboot the computer is. Now it does give you what it thinks is fair warning, five minutes should be plenty of time, right? I hate my computer, because it always chooses the five minutes when I’m away from my computer to restart (I think it’s a game it plays, trying to see how many times it can reboot itself while you’ve stepped away from the keyboard for a moment to do something. It’s winning, by the way.) By the way, I’d started this blog before I was asked to help make Jell-O for tonight’s desert (my Nana is here. The presence of guests at dinner is the only reason you will find for my family eating a regulated desert.) As I’m stirring the Jell-O, I hear the sound of my computer shutting down. I really hate this machine.

In other news, I have yet to begin packing. Now, this doesn’t mean I have yet to start getting ready for the trip. I’ve bought all my food, and I know where all my clothes are (though a couple pieces do need some minor repairs made to them before I deem them wearable again. This is especially true of the darn black chemise.) Besides that, though, most of what I have to do is organize everything in one pile, so that when my ride comes to pick me up tomorrow, all I’m doing is helping him carry stuff. If I’m lucky I’ll be either beading or writing for the entire seven hour trip (though I might switch off driving with him if he gets tired).

Oh, and by beading, I mean putting an edging onto pretty bags that I will hopefully be giving to people as Christmas gifts. This entails stringing bead onto string in cool little designs. Actually, you can do almost any kind of a fringe or scalloped edge with beads if you go about it the right way. It’s fairly simple and something I think can be done in the car (emphasis there on think), so we’ll just have to see. I intend to sew the bags on mom’s surger, but if that doesn’t get done, oh well, I’ll just hand sew the things.

As for Calling Down the Rain, I am desperately trying to get it done before I leave tomorrow (hopefully to send it out in tomorrow’s mail.) I still have to finish the last grammatical edit (my mom went over it and caught a few last things). That shouldn’t take to long. What I’m really worried about is the cover letter. I’ve never been good at those things. We’ll have to see how it goes, though, because I don’t have that much time.

The other main thing I have to do tonight is that book review for Mornara. I don’t think it will take me that long (once again, the emphasis there is on the word ‘think’). Hopefully I’ll get everything done. No, check that, I know I’ll get everything done. Hopefully I’ll get to sleep tonight.

Remember, computers are not smarter than you. They just think they are.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.



  1. I know how you feel, mine does the exact same thing. And it always means ten extra minutes spent restoring stuff the next time I log in. Blasted little function.
    And, have fun on your trip =D

  2. Knock on wood, mine doesn’t… But the anti-virus tries to do so every now and then. There is a reason I compulsively save EVERYTHING before I leave the computer.

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