Garmin (aka-Man VS. Machine Take 2)

I got home late last night (with basically enough time to say hello to a few people online before I crashed.) This morning I got up fairly early (one benefit of camping for a while is that my body gets used to getting up earlier in the day. I naturally rise with the sun, but my room is dark). After a much needed shower (my hair is soft and silky again!) I worked online for a bit, trying to catch up on important emails that I had missed while I was away. Oh, and I packed. Did I mention that I am now on my way to my grandmother’s house in New Jersey? No? Oops, my bad. We just passed Baltimore while I was writing this.

So, this is where the Garmin part comes in. Apparently while I was away, relatives came to visit, and gave my parents a gift, sort of a catch all to the family for birthdays and Christmas. Yes, that’s right, my parents are now the proud owners of a GPS we’ve affectionately named Trixy (almost everything that moves in my family has a name. My whole family is crazy. I just write the crazy down.) While I have been gone, they have also apparently been experimenting with Trixy. They like to play little tricks on her, like pulling over places she doesn’t see on her maps, or taking alternate routes they know instead of the ones that she has mapped out for us.

Anyone else out there who’s ever used a car GPS system knows how excited the thing gets when you turn a way they don’t want you to turn, or you head somewhere just a little off the route they have mapped out for you (like dropping off a friend at their home.) The things can be pretty insistent too. The darn things think that they’re smarter than us, just like the computer does. In this case, however, I think that we’re the ones that are winning (unlike the computer, the worst thing the GPS is going to do to you is tell you to turn around. They won’t, say, dump a days worth of writing just because you stepped away from the keyboard).

So, on to other topics, mainly my writing. I’ve told a few of you that I sent out Calling Down the Rain. I don’t plan on hearing back from the people I sent it to until late September at the absolute earliest (though my wildest fantasy is that I get a call/email from them sometime in August saying they love my work and would like more). So at the moment all of my attention is focused on Goodnight Earth, right? Wrong! This morning as I was going through my email, I discovered that my first assignment for the creative writing class had been sent out while I was away at Pennsic. So now I’m thinking about that as well as working on Goodnight Earth. Thankfully that piece only needs to be a little over two pages. With any luck I’ll be able to do the thing in one sitting. I need some details on it first, though, so I probably won’t work on it until tomorrow at the very least.

Remember, you are smarter than the machine. Or at least smarter than Garmin.

Comments are encouraged and greatly appreciated


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