Pennsic (aka-Where did all these bruises come from?!)

So, I figure that since I was gone for a week, I should tell you a little about what I did while I was gone. First, I set up my tent. Nothing big there except I was in an encampment of about thirty people in the middle of a literal tent city. While there weren’t as many people there as there have been in previous years because of the economy, there was a very good turn out. I’d estimate the numbers to be somewhere between nine and ten thousand (I failed to look at the actual number of people when I was looking at the newspaper they print). My encampment has hot and cold running water (though no flush toilets) and a working kitchen that can feed all thirty in the camp. Fun camping, but not too rustic.

I have to say, the activity I did the most often was water bearing for the heavy fighters. In ordinary terms that means I was carrying around gallon jugs filled with Gatorade and water and offering them to the people who were suited up in armor so that said people didn’t die of dehydration (fighters can be very silly people. They tend to forget little things like drinking while out on the field). Unfortunately I misplaced my sunscreen Sunday evening. I knew when I went out onto the field (with borrowed 15 SPF sunscreen) that I was going to burn, but I went anyways. What I didn’t realize was how badly I was going to burn. I can honestly say I had never before had a sunburn that raised a line of blisters going down my back. A portion of my skin was saved because I was wearing my hair down that day, but the rest of it still got rather crispy. I wore a head wrap the next day, and while I was marginally warmer than I would have liked to have been, it kept the burn from getting worse, which was what was important to me.

While at Pennsic, I also fought in the rapier woods battle. I got to be invisible while doing it too! The trick to being invisible is simple. Stand next to someone who is higher ranked than you are and let them distract the person on the opposite line. While the other person is thus distracted, you stab them. Invisibility. It doesn’t always work, though, especially when the whole line is engaged. I got hit hard a couple of times (hard meaning it hurt rather than just alerted me that someone had ‘killed me’. Power control is a key fundamental). I have to say, while I have them all over my legs, my prettiest bruise this year came from the woods battle. Instead of on my arm like last year, this one hit my chest, connecting with the edge of my sternum. The blood still looks fresh days later, though the edges are turning pretty colors. Shiny. (And before anyone says anything, no, I’m not complaining. I knew what I was getting into before I went into those woods. A bruise or two aren’t going to make me stop fencing. I have a higher pain tolerance than that.)

While in the woods battle I got to fight near the crown prince of my home Kingdom of Atlantia. He seemed like a really cool guy, and I’m glad he’s on my side. I’m not sure what he thought of me; at the time I was acting silly/bored and asking JC if I could go be some kind of a distraction. I earned myself a little lecture about how Atlantia does their jobs, and that’s why we’re the best. I’ll try to remember next time to be bored quietly.

So, other than making a fool of myself in front of royalty, I got pretty, mostly shiny souvenirs. I LOVE shopping at Pennsic. It has all the shiny things one could every want in one place, and if one waits long enough, you will find that they become fairly reasonably priced. Plus, if you know the right people, you can find master craftsmen. Wonderful place.

Writing update will come tomorrow.

Remember, just because there’s one really good person, don’t take your eyes off the rest of the people there. They’re likely to be the ones to stab you.

Comments are encouraged and greatly appreciated.


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  1. I have to admit I find the whole idea of the SCA pretty interesting. I think I may yet take your advice and look up my local chapter or county/dukedom/whatever else they call them. At the least going to the fighter training would be a good way to keep in shape and to improve my skills at writing fight scenes.

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