Shopping (aka-An adventure with my Grandmother)

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about my grandmothers here on my blog. If I have then please forgive the repeat. Anyways, one of my grandmothers is your typical old lady. The one who’s house I am currently staying at is anything but said typical old lady. She and my grandfather are very active and lead very healthy lives. In fact, when she was tripped while walking, she didn’t break her ankle like most older women would have, but instead broke her leg (her hips are strong because of all her activity.) Today we went shopping.

While today’s trip wasn’t as exciting as some of ours have been in the past, it was still fun looking for bargains with Grammy (this, by the way, is another version of the “great hunt”. Instead of looking for something specific, though, we’re looking for a good bargain). The part that always makes trips with Grammy exciting is that she likes to walk quickly. Very quickly. She doesn’t like wasting time where she doesn’t have to, and she wants to get where she’s going in good time. Now while this devilish pace has lessened in the past few years, it is still a good clip when one wants to go anywhere. Thankfully today’s shopping wasn’t at the mall, or my mother and I would have had to almost jog to keep up with Grammy (her usual ‘mall pace’ is something close to a power walk). We actually only went into two stores, but I still managed to spend more money than I had intended to (on Christmas presents mostly, so that’s acceptable, I think). I also snagged a journal that had been marked down to two dollars.

As a side note on journals, I love them. I love the look and feel of them. And I hate to write in them. I’m forever getting (or being given) journals and not using them because I want to put something nice into them. I don’t want to mess them up with my inane scribbled notes. That’s what my composition notebooks are for. What I really need to do is either pick a story that I’m going to start writing in some of these journals, and to heck with the crossing out (I only write in pen, by the way. I like the way it flows better). Either that or I need to come to terms with the fact that I’m never going to use all of these wonderful, beautiful journals. Let’s hope it’s the former.

And on the subject of writing, I stayed up far later last night than I should have, and ended up getting another good chunk of Goodnight Earth written. It’s going to end up being a lot shorter than Calling Down the Rain, but I’ve finally come to the conclusions that that isn’t something I can really help. CDtR took place over the course of more than a week, but GE is only going to have one afternoon to really play with (excluding the intro and conclusion), so I guess a difference in length is to be expected. I’m sure that other writers could make an entire novel out of the afternoon, but I’m not other writers, and that isn’t my style. So, short it shall be. And with any luck, I’ll finish up the first write of it sometime either tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully tonight.

Remember, just because they’re old doesn’t mean they aren’t fast.

Comments make me feel loved, and let me know people are reading.


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  1. Sounds like my grandma! She’s pretty active for her age and all too! That’s cool you found the journal too. Hope to see some really cool stuff out of them when (and if from the sound of it) you start writing out of them! And keep going on the writing. Just keep chippin’ at it. 🙂 With you all the way.

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