Upcoming (aka-What’s a filler blog?)

Please excuse the suspiciously early blog. I have relatives who are due to arrive at any moment and I don’t know when I might have the chance to get on again today (though I WILL be on again before I go to bed. It’s just a matter of when). I will be seeing two of my cousin’s children (sweet little things who would actually make one think about having children of their own for a moment). I have to say, I’ve only met one of them once, so it’ll be very nice to get to play with them. I’ll probably tell you all more about their visit tomorrow.

The other thing I should say something about right now is filler blogs. I think (or at least hope) I’ve mentioned that in a few days (Friday to be precise) I will be getting my wisdom teeth out. I do not plan on being coherent during this time. In fact, I plan on being conspicuously drugged up on prescription pain killers for a few days (or more likely asleep for a few days). This being said, I won’t be subjecting you all to my addled state of mind (not that it isn’t usually addled). Instead I will be posting (or having someone else log in to post) filler blogs. Never fear, I will try to make said filler blogs interesting (I’ve already written the first one). Now, this being said, seeing the success of certain other authors while on mind altering substances, I will attempt to write something while on the prescription drugs (if I’m feeling up to it). If anything turns out well, I’ll be sure to let you all know about it. If it turns out the way I’m sort of expecting it to (rambling and generally making no sense) then you probably will hear a ‘it didn’t work out’ and then nothing more about it ever again. Unless I decide to announce when I’m going to burn the thing.

Speaking of writing, I have some good news. I was able to finish up the paper version of Goodnight Earth last night. In terms of editing, this means the roughest draft has been set down on paper. What I will edit while typing it into the computer will be considered my first draft. Then I get to go through it and do the necessary line by line edit to make it readable (it’s totally up to Mornara if she wants to read either of these-the before or after line by line). This does mean that the first hard part (actually writing it) is over. I’m hoping that since I have a little better idea of what I’m getting myself into this time, editing might be a little easier than it was with Calling Down the Rain (I hope at least some of you all remember that nightmare). I probably won’t start on the edits right away, though, because I need to do the first piece for my school assignments. It’s only about two and a half pages single spaced, though, so I should hopefully be able to bang it out either today or tomorrow (I’m going to start on it after I finish this blog) so wish me luck.

Remember, just because others can write well on drugs doesn’t mean you can.

Comments make me feel loved, and let me know people are still reading.



  1. I love looking at the tag-cloud I’m part of. It’s so fitting.

    Anyways, good luck with the teeth. And of course I want to read. Send it whenever you want!

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