A Quick Post (aka-Why haven’t we left yet?)

Seeing as how it is now almost 3pm and we still haven’t gotten underway yet, I figured that now would be a really good time to do a blog (otherwise I’m likely not to be able to put one up until sometime around nine tonight (it’s a six hour drive from New Jersey back home to Virginia). So, you will get this one once again early, and I will do two more filler blogs while I am in the car on the way home.

Just an update on yesterday’s blog-I really liked seeing they two boys. They’re some of the cutest birth control around. Yes, I know, bad attitude, but Lord above, I don’t think I could deal with that all the time. Babysitting and Girl Scouts has really turned me off to ever having children of my own. That being said, the two boys are adorable when they’re not being cranky little things. We went to the park and I got a nice long jog in (about a mile) as I kept up with the older of the two boys on his big wheel (the younger boy was still in a stroller which they’re mom was pushing. She wasn’t going to run to keep up with the older boy either). After the park we came back home and I read to the older boy for a bit. And then the whining started. Toddler crash mode is what I have come to refer to the time when the child is in need of a nap, but still too awake to actually do anything but be a bit of a grouch. This is, at least in my experience, when children are the most affective at being a form of birth control. They really were cute, though.

Also yesterday, I was able to get my uncle to look over both Night Comes Softly and Calling Down the Rain. He liked them, which is a good sign for me since he is a PHD in English and a published author himself.

It’s almost time to go now. We’ve had lunch (where my brother provided some extra entertainment by getting his pants hooked on a chair), and I can hear my parents saying goodbye to my grandparents. I suppose this means I need to wrap this up. So, sorry for the short entry. The next post will most likely be a filler blog. I’ll be looking forward to seeing all of you again soon, though not when I’m drugged up on pain killers.

Remember, brothers are there to provide ‘extra entertainment’.

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