Manga (aka-The Reason Many things are Late)

I’m late doing today’s blog. Really late. Lets just say that I got a little involved in something I was reading. While I haven’t been reading fantasy books like I probably should be in my off time, I have on the other hand been reading fantasy manga. For those of you who might be interested, you can read the entire series of Rave here. I have to say, I enjoyed what I was reading, even though I know certain parts of it were definitely rather over the top and cheesy. Oh, and the main characters refused to stay dead after they died. Even the one that had been ‘dead’ for an entire flipping year at the end of the story in the end comes back alive and well. More on that rant in a moment, while I get back to the manga. For what it’s worth, I think it’s a fairly well done manga. It has a pretty good plot, and while you do know that the hero will always save the day and that good will win in the end, there were some actual deaths in the manga. Not enough in my opinion, but eh, it’s a children’s cartoon.

Now, back to my rant about people not dying or staying dead when they should by all rights be so. I hate it when people refuse to stay dead. I really do. I think it’s kind of cheap. The author just can’t bear to let go of the character, and so somehow they contrive to bring them back. And no matter how much I dislike it, I can see how it happens. In my own novel, Raging Water I’ve been having trouble with characters coming back to life. I have a good reason for this, the main male lead is a necromancer after all, but that excuse doesn’t make me any less annoyed at myself or my characters for playing this game. If I’m not careful I know death won’t mean anything until the second book when one of the side characters dies. I really don’t want that. I’ll have to figure out a way to deal with it in the rewrite, because certain parts of the dying/not dying are necessary to the story (if you haven’t been through one of the death doors to the other side, you can’t see them).

So about my stories. If you all haven’t noticed, there is now up on the site an example of my humor writing. I did that instead of the class assignment I was supposed to be doing (mostly because I was tired of writing serious things). I don’t remember if I said this before, but the paper draft of Goodnight Earth is done. It still needs to be transferred onto the computer; I’m hoping I can flesh it out a little since at the moment it looks like it’s not going to be half the size of Calling Down the Rain. I won’t get to do that though, until I’ve written the real piece for class.

Remember, while manga is not a alternative for real life, it’s a pretty good substitute.

Comments make me feel loved, and let me know people are out there.


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