Work (aka-Wait, I’m leaving WHEN?!)

Today is my father’s birthday. And though I know he will never read this blog (I actually don’t want any of my family reading my blogs thank you very much) I just wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday. He’s 59 as of today. Makes me feel old. Or older. Anyways, so my mom got me up today to go sing to him. I’m not sure even the band could have replicated the horror that was our singing this morning (my high school band was renowned for being really, really bad singers, especially when it came to Happy Birthday. Surprisingly they were decent musicians, though). After thoroughly scaring the cat’s eardrums, my mother noticed that a new symptom of my recent removal of teeth has appeared (Up to this point the only visible signs other than the oozing the first day was me looking like a chipmunk..I mean swelling). I now have a bruise on my lower left jaw. Now this isn’t a big bruise, or actually even a fresh bruise, but a bruise none the less (by the way, the right side of my mouth is healing much more quickly than the left). So, that’s currently the only update I have on the wisdom teeth situation.

After I finish this blog I will be going upstairs to work on my room. I have a mound of clean clothes to hang up as well as other things that need to be done before I leave for college on Saturday. Wait, what?! Yes, you read me right, I’m leaving for college on Saturday. I have training on both Sunday and Monday, and then I start work on Tuesday. Classes start on Wednesday. Dear lord above, what have I gotten myself into? Oh wait, that’s right, my last year at college. Next year when I either have a job or am going to grad school is when I should be asking “What have I gotten myself into”. Right now, though, I really have to make sure that I’m ready to go, because later today is Dad’s party. Tomorrow people want me to go with my Dad and my Nana to her chemotherapy appointment. Thursday I have a check up with the oral surgeon (and will hopefully get these blasted itchy stitches out of my mouth). Friday’s the only day I really have to pack. Lovely. Well, I’ll be trying to get everything at least in a semblance of order today so that when I start throwing things into suitcases, I don’t have to hunt around.

So, what does this mean for my writing? Well, it means that I probably won’t be doing anything today. I didn’t do anything yesterday because I was catching up on everything after I finished reading that manga. I might be doing some writing tomorrow while I’m waiting for Nana to be done (I wonder if the hospital has a wireless connection..?). Thursday we’ll see how the appointment goes and how much work still has to be done before I can leave. Friday I doubt I’ll get much time online, and we’ll have to see how I feel Saturday. If all else fails, I’m sure I can write Sunday before I have to go to the training picnic thing. Yeah, wish me luck.

Remember, bruises are a part of the healing process. Really.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.


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