New Record (aka-The Bringer of Doom)

I am now the “Bringer of the Doom that is Fantasy LOL Speak”. Yes, I’ve done something irreversible to the Fifthwind Forum. And while it hasn’t had a huge burst of activity other than at the beginning (yet), it did set a record of the most people ever on the forum at the same time (21). So, I think that is worth the trauma that it might have inflicted on some of our more venerable patrons (*cough*Fifthwind*cough*). As Mornara said, though, we do need to remind everyone that we moderators aren’t tame little beings every now and then. So, while I sit her grinning impishly and think of more LOL phrases (Princess: I iz sittin in da towah, lookin all pretties. Iz mah only function.) I suppose I should relate something of only marginally more importance.

I got out of going with my father and my Nana to the hospital. I honestly did have things that I was going to do today. Like finish some of the cleaning that I started yesterday. And try to write that story for Creative Writing today. I have to say, I did succeed in the cleaning part. There is now no more of the drawer junk on my floor (most of what was on the floor either disappeared back into the appropriate drawer, or came downstairs. The floor in my room now looks a lot cleaner, so yay for that! I still have a lot more to do before I leave, but at least that and the hanging up of clothing is taken care of.

Did I mention it’s been a little too long since I’ve gone through those drawers? Yeah, I found night gowns that I haven’t worn since I basically moved into the house. To give you an idea, the sleeves are more than six inches too short, and what used to be full length nightgowns barely come to my knees. All of the clothing I can no longer fit into will be donated to the local thrift store. I hope some little girl out there will like those things as much as I did at that age!

The other thing that happened this morning was that I figured out what I’m going to do with the yet to be named short story for my creative writing class. Now I just have to convince myself to write the darn thing. Part of the problem with this is that the teacher wants the assignment written in the present tense, and I really, really hate the present tense. I’ll probably end up writing two versions of the thing, one in present tense, one in past tense. Or maybe not. Anyways, when I’m finished with the first draft, I’ll put it up on the forum under Kuro’s Assignments and you all can be the judge. The Great Chicken Flood is already up there.

After that story is written, I have two things to edit before I can get to work on Goodnight Earth again, so it looks like I’ll be getting a fresh look at that story the next time I see it after all.

Remember, trauma to others can be funny when delivered in small doses. Making it a hobby doubles the fun.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.



  1. Hmm… Wonder how long we can keep that thread going. XD Will be silly to see what other crazy stuff we can add to it.

    I’m currently in the middle of a deep cleaning of my room too, and I’m finding a lot of old stuff that’s bringing back memories. Some of it, sadly, is not in good shape and will have to be disposed of. Oh well.

    Good to hear about the writing. I’m a board to bounce ideas off of if you need it!

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