My Hair (aka-Fluffy the Great)

After staying up horrendously late last night to work on my writing class assignment, I got up this morning and washed my hair. Now, I have to tell you all a little about my hair. It has a mind of its own (though not as bad as my ex’s hair. His would eat things. Literally). It’s usually at the very least wavy, though if it’s humid out if can be anywhere from curly to downright frizzy. Hence why it got named Fluffy by my friends. The great was added on later. I’ve been growing Fluffy out since the end of my first year at college when I foolishly let my mother and grandmother go with me to get it trimmed. They both like short hair. I do not. I HATE my hair when it’s short. Mostly because it likes to be even more wild. Back in High school I got my hair cut short and I looked like a flipping cocker spaniel. Really. While my hair has calmed down some (And thinned out some?) in college, I still refuse to have it short. It’s now all the way down my back to my waist. And that’s where I’m going to keep it, thank you very much. Having such long hair does mean that it takes forever in a day to wash. Well, not really. Just an hour. Still, that’s a pretty long time, though. At least I only have to wash it once a week.

Now, before you all jump on be going “Ew, that’s so gross!” there’s something you all should know. Your hair can be trained to produce less oil if you wash it fewer times a week. This means over all healthier hair (You’re not putting chemicals into it every single day) and that you don’t have to wash it as many times as ‘normal people’. The fact that my hair is really long also helps. The longer your hair, the more space you have to spread your hair’s natural oil through (which is one of the reasons you should brush your hair once a day). So really, my hair only needs to be washed once a week. If I wash it any more often, it becomes straw. (As an aside, training your hair doesn’t happen over night. I have been washing my hair for once a week for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had really thick hair, and so does my mom, who was the original washer of my hair, so yeah, once a week.)

So, I mentioned something before about writing? Oh yes! I started writing that blasted piece for my creative writing class. What I’m finding is working the best is writing it out in past tense on paper and then switching it over to present tense when I type it into the computer. Complicated? Yes. Convoluted? Definitely. It is unfortunately the only thing that seems to be working, though, so that’s what I’m probably going to end up doing for the whole thing. Thankfully the dratted thing only needs to be two single spaced pages long, so I’m actually halfway there! Maybe I’ll have it done by tomorrow? We’ll see.

Remember, bow before Fluffy the Great, otherwise you risk her wrath.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.



  1. I have hair that’s tailbone length and I also only wash it once a week. Though I didn’t have to train it. I’ve always had a low oil production and have been washing it once a week for as long as I can remember. Why does it take you an hour though? lol. It takes me about 5 minutes. Unless you count drying time, which usually takes half a day if I put it in a bun and a few hours if I leave it down. Did you know that when you shampoo your only supposed to shampoo the scalp? Shampooing the length dries it out and can cause splits. When you rinse out the shampoo the suds will travel down the length any ways. Since you have curly hair you might want to look up the “curly girl method”.

    1. What actually takes the most time for my hair is the conditioning. After getting the conditioner all through my hair, I like to comb it out, because that’s when it’s easiest to get all of the tangles out (my hair knots itself really easily.) The combing part is what takes the longest.

  2. I love your spam comment…

    Anyways, I also wash my hair once a week. Same reaction from people. “Ew!”

    Well, I also have to wet it down thoroughly every time I comb it, so that cleans a lot out. But yeah, it takes about an hour to wash, comb and prep for the week. And it CAN go for about two weeks. But that feels nasty and I don’t like dreadlocks.

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