Packed (aka-I’m going back to college!)

So I’ve finished packing to go back to college. I’ll be leaving/moving in tomorrow. We hope to leave at about 9am. That gets up to Williamsburg by about 12pm. From there it’s however long it takes us to unpack and set stuff up in my room. I’m really hoping that it won’t take too long, but I’m not counting on it. Mom wants to be able to start for home by 6pm, and that’s after we go to dinner, so I think the time we want to be done by 5 at the latest.

So, since the most interesting thing that happened to me today was going to lunch with Mom and her best friend (which actually can be pretty exciting with those two, but we won’t go into what was discussed. Privacy and all that.) I will tell you about my excitement yesterday. Yesterday’s blog was written right before I had to leave to go back to see the oral surgeon. That means you all don’t know about the forty five minutes we were parked on the interstate. And when I say parked, I mean that the car was turned off, and I got out to walk around. Let me back up a little bit, though, and I shall regale you.

After going over the mountain, I wanted something to drink. Mom said we should wait until we got to the city where the surgeon is. This might not seem important, but do remember it for later. As we were approaching the interstate I noticed a TON of big rigs getting off the interstate. A lot more than usual to be sure. Mom brushed that off as well. We get onto the interstate. We don’t even get a full mile before we hit the back up. At first it looks like things are just really, really slow, but then it gets slower, and slower until finally we’re at a dead stand still. After about ten minutes, Mom turned the car off. After about fifteen, people started getting out of their cars. By the way, did I mention that it was really hot? And hotter on the black top. Mom called the oral surgeon about then to tell them that we were going to be late, and the reason why. They were very understanding (apparently we weren’t the only patients in that back up!). I got out after about twenty minutes to go ask one of the nearby truckers what was actually going on (you could tell they were communicating over the CB). The guy (I think it was a guy?) said that there was a truck on fire about two miles up the road. Exciting. So, as it became more and more apparent that we weren’t going anywhere for quite a while, more and more people got out of their cars to stretch, walk around, etc. All in all we were stopped there about 45 minutes. When we went past the truck, the entire engine block was gone. No rubble, just gone. There was the grill, then space, then the cab. Oh, and melted plastic all over the road. Fun times. I got to my appointment at 4:35. Afterward mom and I went out for ice cream.

The best thing that happened yesterday was that I finished that dratted piece for my class. I have it up over at the forum for review. I’ll put it up over here after I’ve turned it in and gotten it back. Now I just have to edit it. And all the other piece I have to edit. Oh well.

Remember, walking down the middle of the interstate is only advisable when all the other cars are stopped.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.


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  1. Y’know, I got that early this year. An Amber-Alert sign had fallen on the freeway. Not awesome on so many levels, that being a main artery, and both sides of the road being closed and all. I feel your pain.

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