At College (aka-Thanks, Bill)

Bill the storm (I’m not sure what he’s classified as at this point. Hurricane? Tropical Storm? Lonely rain cloud in search of storm?) decided that today, the day I am moving into my dorm, would be a great day to come and visit. The drive to Williamsburg was a little exciting as we slowed down to 35 on a highway that normally averages 70. I guess people just aren’t used to driving in torrential downpours and hail storms. I really do feel sorry for the poor fool who was stuck on the side of the road changing a tired in all that, though. He probably wasn’t a very happy camper by the time he got done. I know I wouldn’t have been. So, I am back at college, and not a moment too soon. My mom and I (with the help of some friends of mine) were JUST able to get everything into my room before it started raining. Now granted it did take us more than an hour to unload all of my stuff, but I can’t believe the weather held out JUST long enough for mom and I to get everything inside. I’m not done unpacking (probably not even halfway done) but Mom and I called it a day at 6pm so that we could go get dinner. Chinese buffet! Have I ever mentioned exactly how much I absolutely adore Chinese food? It’s a lot, trust me. So, after a large supper, and a good cool shower (no air conditioning in the dorm, just a fan, here I am. I almost want to get up and continue putting away things. Almost. Actually, no, not really at this point. I’m tired, clean, relaxed and have no desire to be anything but. So, here’s to you, Bill.

What’s on the docket for tomorrow then? Well first I will finish moving/storing all of my valued possessions (re: Crap), I will see what time of the day it is and most likely then either contact friends to do lunch or something similar, or just veg out in my room until I have to go to that stupid pick nick at 5pm. My roomy comes in Monday, so I definitely have to have everything packed up and away before she gets here, because I’m going to be at training while she’s moving in (I hate training with a passion. Myron’s the only thing that makes it bearable).

So, aside from moving luggage and valued possessions, what have I done today? I mean surely I’ve made good use of the time in the car and wrote something for you all to hear about. Yeah, dream on. I haven’t written a darn thing today aside from this blog, and I’m probably going to keep it that way (Mostly. RP’s fall under a separate category. The category of “no one but my RP partner will ever see the hideous things my brain spawns”.) I’ll work on editing things tomorrow. Maybe. Depending on whether or not I go out with friends.

Remember, if you think it hard enough, the storms will listen to you.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.


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