First Day Back (aka-More Cleaning and FRIENDS!)

So, I woke up this morning and started finishing putting everything away. Even though it took me into the afternoon, I can now proudly say it’s all away! This is more than has happened in previous years. I, ehem, can be not the neatest person in the world. In fact at times I can be downright messy. My poor roommate. Well, this time everything’s away and the room is CLEAN for her arrival! Bet she’ll be surprised. I don’t know what changed from last year, but this year somehow everthing has a place. Maybe it’s because I packed everything better. Maybe it’s because I went through the boxes instead of just hauling them up here, but there doesn’t seem to be as much JUNK as there has been in previous years. I wonder what my roomy will say when she sees the changes. I hope she (and her parents) are suitably impressed. Especially after seeing how bad my side of the room can get around exam time (aka the time at which I stop caring how things look and start caring about whether or not I will be passing my classes this semester, and how badly I think I’m doing in my different courses. Anyways, my roomy is coming in tomorrow while I’m at training, so she won’t have the frustration of me being here and in the way while she’s trying to unpack and everything. With any luck she’ll be all done herself by the time I get back from training.

Today’s ‘training’ was a joke. Myron and I stayed long enough to eat, but then we ducked out. I really did have to go back to my room to clean out my mouth because of the whole wisdom teeth thing, but that’s the excuse we gave to duck out early and not have to do the apparently mandatory scavenger hunt. Dear lord, I never thought I’d find the wisdom teeth removal useful! I wonder if I can use that excuse to get out of some training tomorrow as well? Meh, who knows. I really hope they don’t have us doing what we did last year. There were forty of us in a room, and this stupid game went round to try to make us remember names. I remembered the actions not the names. Yes, typical for me. I’m lucky if I remember my friends names half the time.

So, what does this mean for writing? Well it means I did no actual writing today. I do have a writing related note, though. I got my first rejection letter today. I’m not going to say who it’s from (though if you look back at the previous blogs you can probably figure out who it is from them). I knew it was probably going to get rejected, I just didn’t expect it so quickly. Oh well, next time I’ll send them a hard core Sci-fi piece. They’ll probably like that.

Remember, time with your friends is always time well spent. Or was that misspent? Meh, miscreants.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.


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