Relevant Questions (aka-Are zombie spas a good, lucrative idea?)

Please put your hands together for another segment of Relevant Questions.

Q: Is it still hypochondria if it’s a legitimate health concern?
A: Yes, yes it is. Also, hypochondria is apparently genetic.

Q: Can you have “Crazy” as a job?
A: You can as a professor at the College of William and Mary. Note to self: Look into this for job opportunities.

Q: Do I have “Talk to me” tatooed on my forhead?
A: Maybe.

Q: Are zombie spas a good, lucrative idea?
A: Can you boil a zombie to death?

Q: Why would people be fond of a brand called Bratz?
A: They’re either hungry and confused, or it explains their children.

Q: Is literature or politics relavant to cooking?
A: It can be. Especially those Spaghetti Dinners for the College Revolution.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

Today went fairly well. I got in to work early (unlike Tuesday where I was late), got to my class early, found out that although it’s going to be a heck of a lot of work, it’s also going to be an extremely interesting study of the Golden Age of Spain, and then I went to the Student Heath Center. I should probably explain this.

Last Sunday, when I was off gallivanting with friends, I went into the woods and came out covered in deer ticks. Unfortunately I didn’t notice this development until several hours later, and by that time it was way too late to do anything but shower and get the little things off. While most of the bites look as you would expect, there are three that worried me. I went to have them checked out. Since I’m not experiencing any of the other symptoms of Lyme Disease, the nurse put some cream on it and sent me home. I’m to go back if I start to feel like I have the flu.

Other than that, I still have a reading list that is entirely too big. I also have to head over to the library at some point to buy two course packs, and possibly start research on one of my papers. Yeah, this semester is going to be fun. I expect it to be a lot like last semester with much frantic paper writing near the end.

Writing wise I also have quite a bit of work I need to do. I have two things I need to edit for Fiffy, and one thing I need to edit for class. I also have a line edit I need to do for one of my classes. Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll be able to get all of that done today and tomorrow and this weekend I can actually work on Goodnight Earth. We can always hope.

Remember, boiled zombies are possibly more disgusting than just decaying ones.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.



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