Taking Woodstock (aka-So that’s what my parents missed.)

After waking up somewhat late this morning and having some very good Asian food for lunch, I went with some people to see the movie “Taking Woodstock”. Now this is not my movie of choice, and I hadn’t been planning on seeing it, but eh, I was invited to go by a friend. It was a learning experience in a number of ways. For instance I will now never try to use my neighbor’s field to hold a large music festival as it might seriously tick off the locals. I also know never to do any kind of narcotic before a press conference or I risk rambling like an idiot (not that I would do narcotics anyways. I dislike feeling anything other than myself). Oh, and always, always, always ask what’s in the bottle before drinking. That’s actually something I learned at Pennsic. I have to say, though, their version of an acid trip was really pretty. So, I guess if you want to see a movie about hippies and Woodstock, go ahead. Like I said earlier, though, it’s just not something I’m really that into. Oh well, I’ll see something interesting next time like “Holmes”. Next time probably being Christmas. I don’t see movies all that often.

So, what have I been up to? Well besides melting, that is. Yesterday and today I have been trying my darndest to sequester myself away in various dark and air conditioned places in hopes of not entirely melting away to nothingness. Oh, and not getting rained upon would also be a plus. There’s a storm system going through sporadically, and while it has lowered the temperature some, things are still a little warm and wet for my personal tastes (if I’m going to be wet, I’ll be wet. Otherwise I want to be dry, darn it!). I have a bunch of reading I probably should have been doing, but oh well. I’ll get some of it done tomorrow, and more of it done Monday. If I’m not too busy doing nothing online.

On the subject of Monday, Rencester’s first meeting of the new school year will take place that day. We’re really hoping to draw in a lot of new first years. There will be a lot of seniors graduating this year, so they’re going to need some real numbers in order to continue functioning the way they have been in the past. I have faith that everything will turn out in the end, so no need to panic yet.

Story wise, I haven’t really done that much. We had an assignment in class that I’m going to have to polish up and turn in. I’m not exactly all that thrilled at the prospect. The prompt wasn’t exactly the most inspiring, and thusly my work isn’t as good as I’d like. Though ‘Spaghetti Dinners for Revolution’ still amuses me greatly. I’ll probably do some work on that tomorrow. Tonight I’m going to be doing those darn edits. Hopefully Fiffy won’t mind too much if they’re only a day late.

Remember, an acid trip is best watched from the outside, no matter how pretty the swirly colors are.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.


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