Exercise (aka-Day 2)

Since last Sunday was technically the first day of trying to lose weight again (though it was more dedicated to figuring out exactly how out of shape I am), I will count today as day two of my little exercise routine. Here’s the schedule: Sunday-Fighter Practice, Monday-Off, Tuesday-Gym, Wednesday-Off, Thursday-Gym, Friday-Jogging, Saterday-Dartgun fights. While this is nowhere near the extreme workout Ken Kiser is undergoing, I am hopeful that if I stick to this plan by the end of the semester I will have lost weight and be in much better shape.

Tuesdays and Thursdays going to the gym the routine I think I’m going to adopt will be jog there as a warm up, doing some exercise, and walking back as a cool down. Today I was able to do 35 minutes on the stair machine after jogging to the Rec Center. I’m rather disappointed with myself; the stair climber for 45 minutes used to not phase me at all. Well, hopefully I’ll make up that lost stamina with more exercise.

More on Thursday.


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