Time (aka-Something I Lack at the Moment)

If you hadn’t noticed, my posts are starting to become somewhat sporadic (if not somewhat fragmented. I do try to avoid the latter, though). I’m going to say that while this is due in part to my poor time management skills, there is also a large quantity of this that is due to the sheer quantity of work and other time consuming efforts that are eating my time this semester. A large part of this are the readings that I’m doing. I’m taking two religion classes, a history class, and an English class. Things are really starting to bog me down. I’m getting to the point of prioritizing the readings again. This also doesn’t even touch on the creative writing class. I’m doing 4-5 edits of papers a week, plus working on my next story, plus doing revisions for the story I’ve already turned in. Oh, did I tell you all about that by the way? It’s a trip, let me tell you.

While I admit that they have some valid points, it’s still disheartening to see your story ripped to shreds. Yes, I know the darn thing is too short. I thought I had a stricter page limit. Really though? You don’t think people actually speak like that? My brother and I argue like that all the time. Oh, and the conflicting opinions are great. Half the class loves the dialogue, and half the class think it’s flat/boring/not realistic, etc. Another portion of the class wants me to scrap the seriousness of the piece all together, and to do a “hillbilly comedy”. I still have to ask: really? I grew up in that portion of the world (or close to it at any rate) and while you will get the occasional amount of bad grammar and a definite accent, hillbillies they are not. Good lord the prejudice from some of them was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. Evidentially all of us “mountain folk” (as one girl referred to us) use bad grammar all the time, and have broken down Chevy’s in our front yards. Really. I’m never going to write a story to satisfy everyone. I’m probably not going to even write a story to satisfy myself, but I will write more in that story so that it isn’t incomplete.

I guess what this boils down to in writing terms is that finishing Goodnight Earth is on the very back burner. Even submitting Calling Down the Rain will be on hold until I can get a better handle on the homework situation. If this means that I don’t get to work on either of these again until I go home for Christmas Break, so be it (though I won’t be happy about such a development). Right now I need to concentrate on getting though all the crap I have lined up for myself this semester (and try not to line up more on myself, haha). If I get a free moment, then yes, I’ll go back to working on those things (in fact I have another short story starting to mull around in my head), but until that point, please expect them to be on hiatus.

Remember, college will eat your life. And your soul.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.


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