Monday Night Movies (aka-Total Recall)

It is once again time for the Monday night movie review. I hope that I’ve explained before that I am watching these in a club. Skiffy, the Scifi & fantasy club meets right after SCA, so that’s where I go for the rest of my evenings. Every week we watch a usually not so good movie from one of our preferred genres. So, while this is not the best movie in the world, it is definitely better than the last two we watched (though there are some in Skiffy that would contest this fact.) Total Recall is another Arnold Schwarzenegger film, in which he has to get to mars and misuse the laws of physics and general common sense to save the people of the planet from the money hungry man whose name I don’t currently remember. Did I happen to mention the profuse amounts of swearing for no apparent reason other than to swear and freak out the sensors? Yeah, I think Arnold was at a rebellious stage.

Through a terribly convoluted series of events Quaid is led through a series of steps that lead him to Mars (Movie quote: Get your ass to Mars!) There he meets fortune telling mutants and more baddies (oh, and we see Arnold cross dress). Eventually he kills lots of people, lots of other people die and almost die because of him, and then he goes and saves the day. By the way, if you go out into a vacuum, apparently all the trauma that is induced to your body can magically be reversed just by reintroducing you to an atmosphere. Really. Even if your eyes pop out of the sockets. Or almost, anyways.

Also, incase you are ever inside a glass dome that isn’t bullet proof and is the only thing that’s keeping you from a horrible death caused by a vacuum, it’s a great idea to shoot at people between you and the glass. This is especially true if it’s already been established earlier in the movie that 1) You do know the consequences of your actions (you got to see someone fly out to their fate) and 2) You are an absolutely horrible shot! Yes, go ahead and shoot at the protagonist, it’ll all be okay. (Unfortunately, someone smarter than you is just as likely to stop you before you can rid the gene pool of its failures).

In other news, I’m not getting very far with poor Lucy’s story. I’m having a really hard time getting into the mind of her character. I think that if I had a few more weeks I might be able to come up with something better than what I am going to finally end up with, but we’ll just have to see. On a somewhat related note, I don’t think my edits are going to be as thorough this time around. I might be lucky to get some of them done at all. Oh well, as long as they’re all done by the time class rolls around I suppose everything will be fine. Even if I have to stay up all night tomorrow.

Remember, get your ass to Mars!

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.


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