New Machine, New Pain (aka-Lucy’s Got Her Story)

So, first things first, the in class version of Lucy’s story, now titled Never Get Mad is finished. I guess all it takes is some sleep deprivation and I can write just about anything. I know I’ve talked about my odd writing habits before, but this just goes to prove them. I write best when I can’t think about anything but what I’m writing. Oh, and the first draft has to be on paper, otherwise I get horribly distracted. Unfortunately I haven’t done Lucy justice in the piece. She’s an incredibly complex character, and I could only convey a portion of that complexity in the short story. I don’t think I got across her deep, yet subconscious mistrust for people. At the same time she longs for attention, she will never trust those around her.

So, other than finishing the short story yesterday I went to the gym. Instead of my normal stair stepper routine, I did a stint on one of the running machines (no, not a treadmill). After the jog over to the gym (that one hill still routinely kills me) and the time on that machine, I’m proud to say I’ve never felt my legs closer to the consistency of a jello jiggler. In fact I liked the sensation so much I’ll be doing it again tomorrow (not really, it just means I need to work on exercising those muscles more). Everyone please pray that my legs don’t decide to fold up under me on the way home from the gym (on a side note, I actually wouldn’t mind being immobile for a little bit if I had a computer with me, but seeing as I most likely would be trapped somewhere on the forest trail system between the gym and my dorm, that isn’t something I want to happen any time soon. Unless someone brings me a computer. Then it will be alright.)

In other news, my parents are officially on vacation. This is their first major outing without children in years. I actually do remember the last one. My mother went with my father on one of his work jaunts (my father does contract work for the government, and so gets to go all sorts of places around the country preparing different places for different kinds of emergencies. Right before he and my mom went on vacation he was in Alaska doing research for an avian flu epidemic plan.) I’m really glad that they are finally getting some time alone, though. Twenty one years without a break seems like a little much for me. Especially with my little brother on the loose.

Today’s Vacation Adventure: Lunch with the Great Aunts. The most active of whom drove in a fashion that scared even my dad (who’s used to driving pursuits). The woman is in her 80’s and has a slight tendency to be impulsive. ADHD runs in the family, you know.

Now that Lucy’s story is finished, I’ll be doing one of the duels for The Fifthwind Forum. After that if there’s time I might start up on Goodnight Earth, but we’ll have to see. I do have a test coming up after all.

Remember, Great Aunts have all the fun.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.


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