Rain (aka-Perhaps I should get guest bloggers)

So while these two things might seem unrelated, I do have a reason for today’s rather awkward title. I realized today that there are some times in your life when you cannot control the flow of events and before you know it, things are definitely not like how you envisioned they would take place. Today is a good example of how things might not turn out as I expected they might. Something I should do anyways, but contingency plans have never been something that I make a lot. I prefer for my plans to go the way I want them to go the first time. Yes, everyone would like that, but for some reason, it upsets me a little when things don’t go the way I envision them (and at the same time, when conversations look like they’re going to go the exact same way I rehearsed them in my head, it freaks me out a little).

So, on this note, I wasn’t able to go to the gym today. Instead I went to the Career Center and talked with the guy I’ve been seeing about looking into what I should do after college. While I want to be a novelist, and one day I want to make my living by it, I know I won’t be able to live off the royalties from it for a while yet (and even after I get some books out, it’ll be a while until I can, and then only if I live frugally). In the mean time I need a plan to get me through the down time between college and when I can make a living off of my writing. That’s why I’m going to Career Counseling, to figure out what I want to do with my life in the meantime (and actually the counseling was why I was thinking about contingency plans in the first place). That is neither here not there, though. My point is that I wasn’t able to go to the gym. I did in the time between when I got back and when it was time to go to SCA stuff (medieval reenactment for those that don’t know).

As my friend and I were on our way back, we hit rain. Not just a little storm, we’re talking instant flooding on the roads. There some lower cars that were starting to flounder. That’s what people get for building on swamp land, though. We had to slow to a crawl, and I started to think we’d be back late. And that’s when I realized that I hadn’t written anything for today. I also realized it would be late before I got anything up. And that’s when I thought that it might be a good idea for me to ask a couple of people to do guest blogs for me. It would give me time to deal with life. So, if there are any willing volunteers out there to write guest blogs for me, then I’d love to hear from you.

Remember, swamp land is NOT ideal building ground. You’ll regret it, trust me.

Comments are appreciated, especially if you’d like to write a guest blog.



  1. I got stuck out in unfamiliar territory in rain like that last year. At night. Out in the middle of nowhere. While fog was building up. NOT fun.

    I might be able to do a guest-blog or two for you. Let me know when/what!

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