Yawns (aka-I can’t do what I used to)

Senior year of high school I could stay up until two in the morning and then get up at 5am to do my calculus homework (before going back to bed at 6am and getting up at 8am). My first year of college I found out that I could go for three days straight without sleep, but after the first two it wasn’t worth going to class anymore because you weren’t going to absorb any new information. After that first semester of college I didn’t keep the same schedule. Gradually I’ve been adding hours to what I consider my ‘required amount of sleep’ without even realizing it. Last semester I was getting on average 6 hours of sleep a night (the one time I did pull an all-nighter, I was as tired the next morning as I had been after three days of no sleep the beginning of freshman year). Somehow during the summer that was upgraded to 8-8 1/2 hours, which is what it has generally stayed at for the beginning of this school year. Unfortunately now that I’m starting to have to do more work in a lessened time frame, I’m starting to get less sleep-I’m back down to about six hours a night, and my body is threatening to throw a fit (or at least trying to threaten me that it’s going to get sick while I have exams and such coming up. I’m once again in active prevention mode. I absolutely refuse to get sick.)

So, what does this mean? I suppose generally it means that I’m getting old. I suppose that it also means that I’ve run down my body to the point where it can’t recover quite like it used to. That of course means that I can’t do all the ‘wild and crazy’ things I did freshman year (if wandering the streets of Colonial Williamsburg until all hours of the morning with friends can be considered wild and crazy. I even got up for classes the next morning. Most of the time anyways.) It also means that I’m trying to schedule more intelligently. If 8am classes were killer back in freshman year, I don’t even want to imagine what it would be like to take one now with my current sleep habits. I very much like waking up at 8:30, and like it even more that I don’t have to be anywhere until at least 10am (MWF I have my first class at 10am, and TR I have work at 10am. I use the down time from when I get up until my first class to do my readings for the day). With the new, more hectic schedule, part of my body’s rebellion is to refuse to wake up until 9:30ish, and then to demand a nap mid day. While I certainly feel better for having the nap, it’s eating up too much of my time. I’m going to have to figure out a solution to this soon if I want to have any hope of getting everything done.

Remember, even at 21, you’re OLD!

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.



  1. Yes. Even at 21, you’re old. However, just having a sleep schedule helps A LOT. I speak from experience on this. Just try and keep that schedule and everything should work out fine.

    ^^; Just promise me you won’t go three days without sleep again… That cannot be good for anyone…

    1. I can pretty much promise you that unless it’s a dire, dire emergency, I’ll never go more than 36 hours without sleep. My body doesn’t seem to be able to handle that anymore. Because yes, I am OLD!

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