Monday Night Movie (aka-Wizard People, Dear Reader)

After some false starts (it took a while for the people up front to figure out how to sync the video and the audio commentary that was what we actually wanted to hear) and technical difficulties (the movie kept freezing-it really needed a cleaning, but I guess that’s what you get for borrowing it from the library), we got to watch our movie for the week-Wizard People, Dear Reader. Now, it’s okay if you’ve never actually heard of this (actually it’s okay if you’ve never heard of most of the movies we watch here in skiffy), it’s actually an audio commentary made to the first Harry Potter movie by a person who knows little to nothing about the Harry Potter franchise. It’s both disturbingly accurate in it’s assessments of some of the scenes and remarkably hilarious in it’s interpretations of others.

Unfortunately tonight is not the night to ask me for either highlights of the movie, or a running commentary (I’m currently feeling more than a little under the weather, and so I’ll be typing this as fast as my fingers can fly and my mind can come up with thing for me to write. So far my fingers are winning.) All I can really tell you is that I laughed really hard during the movie, and so did most of the people in the room. I will actually recommend this one as a straight watch for anyone who is interested. I think that someone said that you can find it on Youtube with the audio commentary already added on so that you don’t have to try to sync things up like we did. I can guarantee that you will laugh at this one if you have any knowledge at all of the Harry Potter franchise (or as the movie calls him “HP”).

I will blame the lack of description on a cold that’s coming on combined with fatigue from certain other ailments (no, I’m not dying, and actually I’m not in enough pain this time around to actually wish I were). Did I mention that I get to take an exam like this? Believe it or not I have it pretty good, too. My exams and papers are spaced out so that I’m not scrambling to get them all together at the last minute (though I have the feeling that it’s a possibility anyways). I really pity some of my friends who aren’t as lucky.

I’ve actually written a little in the past few days. Somehow my Tibetan Religion class seems to be good for giving me ideas. I got another one this morning as I was listening to my professor talk about the different trials and tribulations a certain tantric master had to go through to cleanse himself of his horrible karma (he had killed a bunch of people for his mother). Hopefully I’ll figure out where it’s supposed to go soon. I also did a duel over on the Fifthwind Forum. Here’s a link.

Remember, head colds come on at the worst possible times.

Comments are appreciated. They’re like chicken soup for the soul, and good Lord knows I need some.


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