A Birthday Party (aka-Squirrel Underpants)

Yes, you read that title correctly. Today my brother and I celebrated our birthdays. No, we are not twins, I’m a little less than three years older than him. How is it possible that we celebrated on the same day then? Because we are both in college, we see our parents less frequently than we did while we were younger (or well, I do. My brother gets to see one or the other parent once a month when they come to drop off his supply of medicine). That being such, they decided to celebrate our birthdays while we were both home. Tonight ws the only night that really made sense for celebrating, and so, here we are. After a nice dinner with relatives and friends (my grandmother, uncle and best friend came), we opened our respective gifts. I have a new “weirdest thing I’ve ever been given”. Squirrel underpants. No, I don’t mean panties with squirrels on them, or even knickers made out of the little buggers. I’m talking about a pair of underpants made for a squirrel to wear. Don’t believe they exist? They do! These things crack me up. If you go to the parent website, listed on the back of the package, it gets even funnier. Go have a look. I at least enjoyed the joke.

Also, more good news for any of you who read for my Monday Night Movie Review. My brother managed to find and purchase for me one of the worst scifi/fantasy films to come out in the last few years-Dragon Quest. I shall be inflicting-I mean suggesting this at a Skiffy meeting sometime in the near future. Speaking of Skiffy, they have a forum that is just starting up. So if anyone has been curious about what I’ve been posting and would like to vicariously live the Skiffy life, then head on over. Like I said, it’s just starting up, so do be too shocked when there are only 20 or so total posts on the site. I’m sure that one day it will loom ominously above us all.

In writing news, I’ve been putting off writing Satan in a Christmas Tree (nick name only) in favor of pulling Goodnight Earth off the back burner. I’ve only gotten a little done, what with my selfish want for things like sleep, and goofing off time (okay, that second one is kind of selfish). I promise that it will get done one of these days, and when it does, I’ll send it and Calling Down the Rain off for another round of queries. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with Goodnight Earth because it’s shorter and Scifi, but I guess we’ll just have to see how that goes when the time comes. I’ll work on Goodnight Earth again tomorrow, but then I’m going to have to put it away again. So, here’s hoping that I get a good chunk done tomorrow night (tomorrow during the day I’m going out with my mom and her best friend to lunch.)

Remember, leaving things on a burner too long will make them dry and unpalatable.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.


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