Writing Heresy (aka-Satan in a Christmas Tree)

So, after yesterday’s reference, I figure I’d better explain “Satan in a Christmas Tree”. Two weeks ago in my creative writing class we had a prompt based on an object in a bag. I happened to get a goat beer topper (not that I knew that it was a beer topper until I was told). Anyways, to make a long story short, I thought it was a Christmas tree ornament to begin with (we had to guess what it was without looking first), and so I’m stuck with a grinning goat on a Christmas tree. Now, anyone who knows their medieval lore can tell you that one of the forms the Devil takes is that of a goat. So, who else is a grinning goat going to be? I hope you all get where the nickname comes from now. The actual title of the piece is going to be “All is Well”, named after a Christmas carol that’s playing as the tree goes up in flames. Ah, nothing like hellfire to liven up your holidays, eh? Of course, it won’t be direct hellfire (the teacher doesn’t like magic, so I have to slip it in under the radar), but I think I like this prompt more than I have the other two. I guess we’ll see when I actually get around to writing the thing. I’m still a little shocked at myself, though. This will be the first time I’m writing something so sacrilegious (wonderful, just wonderful. I wonder what level Dante would assign me for this one? Or is it symbolic of the commercialization of the holiday? Like I know. I just write what Anansi tells me to write.)

Anyways, I’ve just gotten back from lunch with my mother and her best friend, and I am currently..waiting to go to tea with my grandmother, even though I’m not hungry in the least. Oh well, it’ll make Nana happy. We’re bringing her scone, which she’ll love (she’d better love them, there’s literally a little bit of me in those scones. I managed to grate my finger while I was making orange zest. Never done grated before. I don’t recommend it, it hurts.) Afterwards I’ll be back online and actually working on Goodnight Earth. Or at least I will be if all goes according to plan. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you all exactly how often things go like I’ve planned them.

On that note, I will probably be updating one more time before I go back to school (and, since I’m at home there won’t be any Monday Night Movie Review. Sorry to those of you who read for that). After I get back, updates are going to be a little spotty again. What can I say? School eats my life. I’ll try to at least get onto a more regular update schedule, though, even if I can’t update every day. We’ll see, though.

Remember, grating your fingers hurts.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.


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