Monday Night Movie Review (aka-Dark Wing Duck)

This week in Skiffy we voted in episodes of Dark Wing Duck. I’m sure most people my age have fond memories of this superhero spoof. To give you a little intro to the first episode: Dark Wing Duck is an egotistical crime fighter who lusts for glory, but is still working the small time. He gets his first big break when he spots an interesting condor (who can do aerial maneuvers like no one’s business). There are a ton of inside jokes that only adults would get (personally I really like shows that cater to both children and older audiences. I really wish that more shows today would do the same, but evidently the writers of today’s childrens’ shows don’t realize that there might be older people watching with their kids-either that or they didn’t go back to watch their childrens’ shows). I also have to say self aware characters, even when they are in context, are awesome. And now for a few notable quotes.
You really have to work on your narration. They’ve got better stuff on Saturday Morning Cartoons.
I’m the thing that surprises you in the night. I am the surprise in your cereal box?
Now you’ve done it! Now I’m going to have to sick my ants on you.
Lets get dangerous!
Mom was right. I should have been a dental hygienist.
The police were puzzled, the feds were foiled, and the gardener’s association was stumped.

Also, we’ve figured out that Dark Wing and Launchpad are gay for one another. Or something similar. Why else would the two of them be adopting a child together?
I want buzz saw cuff links.

I’ll spare you from more of the one liners, but needless to say, they’re extremely amusing. I would actually recommend this series if you haven’t seen it. Even if you have, go take a spin around YouTube. It’s definitely worth a watching an episode or two.

Now that the movie is over, I’m going off to work on Satan in a Christmas tree. I’ve written the opening scene so far, and I’m going to work on the ending scene. That way I’ll know how much I have to add into the middle (sad to say, but I’m going for length with this one right now. I’ll add more to the story, but it’s going to be after I have the project due Friday over with).


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