Finished (aka-Another Chapter of Satan in a Christmas Tree)

At almost 2am this morning I finally finished All is Well (which shall here after be referred to either as AiW or Satan in a Christmas Tree). For those of you who would like to read it here’s a link. Unfortunately the library was about to close and so as I made the mad dash to the finish line, I neglected to notice a two errors. I also didn’t have time to proofread or edit. Truth be told I probably shouldn’t have been able to print the darn thing, but the security guard was a nice guy and could see that I was very hurriedly putting together packets. I have to assume that this isn’t a rare occurrence-he didn’t say a word to me about leaving. A big thank you to the man, and a long sigh of relief. Except that now I have to work on the project that’s due Friday, and..worry about the take home exam that might or might not be handed out tomorrow and due Friday. With any luck at all the midterm will be pushed back a day (due to our class schedule being behind by a day) and instead of it being due Friday, it will be due Monday. Of course this presents some problems in and of itself-mainly that Sunday is my birthday (shhh!) and I have plans to go to Bush Gardens.

Forgive me, for now I shall ramble about Satan in a Christmas Tree. I can easily lengthen this piece when I get a little more time, so that’s one good thing. I’ll probably add more scenes of the family disintegrating around the Christmas tree, everything spurred on by one little goat ornament. I have to say, I’m very satisfied with how the song played out in the piece. It adds some lovely irony that I will hopefully be able to bring out more fully when I add onto this work. I think as it stands now it doesn’t have the full pop I want, but then, that’s what edit time is for, right? I’m hoping that the opening and ending scenes will be enough to make up for the lack of inner content with the class. On a side note, I spent quite a bit of time this evening watching Christmas trees burn. Most of the description you see is taken directly from watching those videos. I’d actually recommend a few. They’re rather pretty, so please have a look. This one’s my favorite.

Remember, research is an essential part of the writing process. It’s even better when you could do the research all day.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.


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