Monday Night Movie Review (aka-Freakazoid)

What can I say, this was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. It ranked slightly behind the Animaniacs, and was part of a class of cartoons that were much more intellectual than a lot of the cartoons that are on television today (most of today’s cartoons are either teaching based, or humorous. They no longer seem to be able to find some kind of a happy medium where they can both amuse and instruct children, and perhaps amuse the parents too. Yet another of the many reasons I never plan on having children.) It was a hit with Skiffy to say the least. As the first episode started the room burst singing to the opening theme song. I think some of the people were ‘getting’ some of the jokes for the first time as they rewatched the episodes. I know I was noticing things that I’d never realized were there. Lots of political and possibly offensive jokes are thrown in. Not things that kids would get, though. The show, like many others of the time period, is also very self aware. It likes to make jokes at itself as well as everything else it’s making fun of.

Best line from the first episode: “That was shallow and based solely on hormones. And that’s okay with me.”

During the third episode they introduced “Scream-o-vision”. Every now and then the word “scream” would appear on the screen, telling the audience at home (or in this case, in school) to, wonder of wonders, scream. The best part about this is that Skiffy has no shame, and will do anything they think is funny. Imagine, an entire room of people aged 19-27+ screaming on cue. Now imagine them doing it while Freakazoid is trying to kiss someone, and him reacting to our disturbance. It’s hilarious.

I would definitely suggest watching Freakazoid, especially if you were one of us lucky ones that got to watch it as a kid. Watching it now makes it even better (the same is true for a bunch of cartoons of the time period. My own personal favorites include Road Rovers, Animaniacs, and Pinky and the Brain. They’re all pretty good (though Road Rovers is admittedly my favorite. I’m still upset about that show being canceled. It was also my first discovery of real fanfiction).

I think I’m going to cut this one a little bit short as it’s far too early to be saying much more. I will tell you that next week’s film..leaves something to be desired. We had a lose/lose vote this week. It ended up being one of the later Land Before Time movies VS Twilight with Rifftrax. I cringe at the thought of both, especially since the damage done by watching Twilight the first time is just starting to heal. I cringe more at the Land Before Time movie, though. At least we have Rifftrax for Twilight.

Remember, Rifftrax are a point in any terrible movie’s favor. Especially when the alternative doesn’t have them and/or is worse.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.



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