More Work (aka-Pounding My Head Against the Keyboard)

You might not be seeing as much of me around the internet until this semester is over if my professors have their way. Earlier today I was handed a take home midterm. Two essays. I was also reminded that I need to revise With the Water for class next week. This is on top of the three longer essays I already know I have to write soon (possibly a fourth, but I’m not going to look. I’m not that brave). So, if you can’t already tell, I’m going to be very, very busy for the rest of this month. With any luck I’ll be able to knock out the midterm in the next two days (planning on starting tonight) and I’ll get some reading done too. Of course this means that I should be cutting down on unnecessary things like forums and internet in general (I can’t say web comics since I haven’t actually read any since some time last week).

It also means that the three day, two night camping trip I was planning for this weekend just got cut down to a daytrip on Saturday. I’m not terribly sad about the loss of the day trip, but it will be much better for getting work done. I wonder if I could get away with bringing books to the event? I usually end up volunteering to pass the time anyways. I suppose this means I should. Oh well, it’ll be along the themes of the event anyways. Sort of. I mean, Saint Ignatius was a medieval monk, so that means I can read him at a medieval event, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought….

So the point of all of this is that you probably won’t be seeing much of me until at least the first essay is written, to say nothing of the midterm or the story I have to rewrite. I’ll still procrastinate on the internet, and you’ll probably see me hanging out on messenger, but I (hopefully for the sake of my work schedule) won’t be about the forums as much as I have been. Sorry to anyone that might be counting on me. If you need me, message me here, on messenger, PM me, or just tell Havoc to give me a yell.

And now to rant about my stories. I’m going to be rewriting With the Water for next week because of the three stories I’ve written for this class, that’s the one I’m least comfortable with. I don’t know enough about the characters, and I certainly don’t know enough about the events leading up to the flood. Why the heck did the dam break? Why doesn’t Patience like to shower? Why is Jack such a little brat? And Uncle Lawrence, what the heck is his problem? Part of the problem here is going to be page length. As this story grows, controlling the length is going to be a bugger. Thankfully there isn’t an upper limit on the final word lengths. I just hope that I get my answers before I have to actually rewrite the story (please expect to find me doing the rewrite next Tuesday).

Remember, mountains of work make me hide out in Swem until all hours of the morning. Oh wait, I was already doing that.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.



  1. well Jack is a brat because, well he is a boy! lol

    You’ll do fine hon, just keep your nose to the grindstone and all will be well.

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