An All Nighter (aka-I think I’ve lost a day)

There’s an well known joke at my college that it’s not tomorrow until you’ve slept. So, for those of us who haven’t slept, I guess that means tomorrow hasn’t come. The fact that it’s dismally grey outside isn’t helping this perception either. I got to watch the sky gradually start to lighten at around 7am. I didn’t realize it was so dark so late. I guess this shows what time I usually get up. But, back on subject, I did in fact pull an all nighter, meaning I haven’t actually slept in..I think we’re coming up on 24 hours (I had a small, interrupted nap yesterday from about 2:00-4:15, with about 30 minutes cut out of the middle). So, what does this mean other than that I’ve been guzzling copious amounts of tea to stay awake? Well, I got breakfast for once, even if it was only a bagel (yes, I know, heresy. Speaking of heresy, did I mention I got to decide what I thought was and wasn’t for this latest midterm?). I head back to my room and change, because it’s started raining. It was threatening to rain last night when I went from work to Swem, but overnight the storm really hit. So, I walked home without an umbrella, changed, and skipped class. While skipping, I worked on the midterm. And then it was time to be off to my next class, this time armed with an umbrella, rain coat and boots. The rain was more fun this time. Unfortunately slogging back across the Sunken Gardens wasn’t as fun the second time around.

Back in the dorm room I finished my midterm and realized I was early. Great! I started the printing and ran to do some business. When I got back I discovered my printer had just had a seizure. It claimed there was a paper jam. There wasn’t. Halved the paper in the printer and tried again. No luck. Look at the time. Ten minutes till class. Have I mentioned that my printer not only hates me, but it’s also slow as mud? I decided to run to the closest computer lab. Normally the place is deserted. I get there and discover that not only have they removed half the computers (probably a money saving measure) but all of the computers are taken. So I literally ask the room if anyone would let me print something off quickly. One guy came to my rescue and let me print from his computer. Don’t know his name, but THANKS! I then run to class where I spend the rest of the period trying not to fall asleep (falling asleep means bad notes). Have I mentioned it’s still raining? Cold rain. With a wind driving it in at a 45* angle. This same wind is trying steal and/or maim my umbrella as well. And this is supposed to keep up tomorrow and Friday as well. Wonderful. I’m sure you all can see just how thrilled I am.

And now, since there is a strange movement on my screen, I think I’m going to bed.

Remember, when the computer screen starts to swim, it’s time to go.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved



  1. Wait, it’s a joke? I live my life that way. ‘No, it’s only been one day. Yes, I understand that it’s been a 50 hour day…’

    There might be a reason I lose whole weeks every now and then. My concept of time is…flexible.

    Also, I hear you on the ‘moving computer screen’. The night before the migraine, it was like half the pixels on a screen had been wiped out. Seriously. If I was ever going to believe in the Matrix, it would have been Saturday night.

    1. The joke mostly deals with people that actually go to sleep. Silly people.

      I wish I needed that little sleep. Or could at least have my writing pass as semi coherent when I was that tired. I can’t seem to do either.

      It was really cool. There was a lady made out of the smudges on my screen. And she was dancing.

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