I Have Gone to the Dark Side (aka-I have a Twitter account now)

Yes, I have committed unspeakable evil, and the atrocities are something I can never atone for. I will admit, I never thought I’d get on Twitter. I still dislike it. Random people are watching me and reading what I write-oh wait, that’s the whole point of being an author. Yes, having three absolutely random people follow me was more ‘scary’ than anything else. But, if you want to follow me, my user name there is the same as it is here: Ladykuro. Funny, I only thought about using my real name as the screen name after I’d created the account. Oh well, it’s fine I guess. If they want me to change it later, I suppose I will (they being whoever becomes my agent..when I get that far down the road, so not for a while yet). For now, though, these two will be quite sufficient. Before I hear anyone tell me what a hypocrite I am for signing up for twitter (I’ve said in the past that I wouldn’t’) I do have reasons. Several in fact. 1)I’ve been told for a while that I need to network more if I’m going to have any hope of getting published. Twitter serves to help with that. 2)I hear all of these great quotes around W&M, and I just feel the urge to share/inflict them with/upon the world. 3)Robin McKinley, my favorite author, just got her own Twitter account. Yes, that last reason is the one that tipped me in favor of getting the account (though I did have to wait until after the story and midterm were done to even sit down and look at the site). And yes, she was the one that tipped the scales in favor of having a blog (when I found out that she had one I decided to get on of my own.)

So, other than evil, what’s new? Well, after a night of sleep (and another four hour nap) I looked at last night’s blog and discovered it wasn’t as crisp and coherent as it was when I wrote the bugger. I guess that’s what I get for writing when I should be sleeping. Like now.

Also new is the damp. Yes, it has been raining nonstop since yesterday. I have discovered, however that dampness is invading my dorm. Paper is sticking together (and causing printers to have seizures) and even sealed food items are being affected. I am not happy. Ida needs to move along. She’s not even getting me out of any of my classes (like William and Mary would cancel more than they could reasonably get away with. No, they want us in class. As absolutely much as possible. Yeeeesssss, Learning! You will Learn!)

Anansi has also been visiting of late. I have two more related dreams (related in the sense that they have the same setting and could feasibly take place in the same world). Very pleasing in that I’m getting story details. A pain in tush in that I don’t have time to write them down.

Remember, just keep repeating, networking is good, networking is good.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved



  1. Twitter can by quite fun and fairly useful, particularly for finding new blogs to read. I hope you find it a positive experience and if you have three randoms following you, how about sending them a message and start making some friends.

    1. It’s funny. I lost two of those followers overnight, and the remaining one makes me..uncomfortable. They don’t seem the bookish type anyways. Thank you for your encouragement, though.

  2. Well perhaps I should figure out what I did with my twitter acct. and follow you and Morn. I am sure that something interesting will pop up 😀

  3. Takes a while to build followers. However, commenting/following people/posting regularly helps build them.

    Shadow, get your butt over there. I feel like I’m following a ghost!

  4. You should look at following author blogs and they will usually have twitter, follow them, get talking, their friends will probably jump in on the conversation, follow them, and then things just kind of roll along nicely with only the occasional need to block the creepy random.

    1. I shall work on that, a little at a time (and preferably when classes aren’t eating my life). Maybe by the time I have a novel to offer up I’ll have people actually looking for that novel.

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