Monday Night Movies (Aka-Double Feature!)

Today, because of an unexpected illness we watched a movie in my first club of the night as well as my second. The first was The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. An interesting little flick from the mid 1970’s. It has some (for the time) cutting edge special effects, including claymation (which by the way, is not the best way to make a hideous creature of evil. The little gargoyle/gremlin thing was so evil it was cute. Or well, just cute.) Over all, I’d say the only redeeming value this movie has is it’s obvious influence on a few later movies (including Indiana Jones and Star Wars). If you’re not offended by overt racism, then have a go at the movie. You might even find Shiva with boobs funny (there’s a statue that’s supposed to be Kali, but to those in the know is definitely Shiva. Except he is a she.) Funny, the pseudo hindu/budhist mix didn’t go over big in India. I suppose portraying the natives as skinny orcs had nothing to do with that either. Yeah, watch for a laugh, watch with friends, watch with lots of soda.

Our second movie of the night is actually a Skiffy homebrewed classic. Some of you might have heard of “Dark Side of the Rainbow”. This syncs The Wizard of Oz with Pink Floyd (not my thing personally, but others in the room seemed to like it when we watched it last year). With this inspiration in mind, one of the guys in Skiffy decided to mix the Who’s “Who’s Next” (only the first nine tracks) with a random slasher film. The fifth Friday the 13th movie was suggested (Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning), and they set it up for a try. I have to say, the first real scene of the movie syncs so dead on with the music that it is worth watching, if only for that. There are other parts of the movie that just really click with the sound track (and yes, you do need to listen to the lyrics and not just the pretty sounds). The addition of the music transforms what would otherwise be just another slasher flick (and not a very good one at that) into a work of art. Whether you believe me or not, there is character depth, and actual feeling added to the movie. We at Skiffy laughed, “awwwwed”, and actually felt for some of the characters (most notoriously Jason himself!). There was even a previously undiscovered scene of forbidden love (two guys). I would DEFINATELY recommend this watch. I know it isn’t up on the internet (Chuckles has said that he will try to get it up sometime in the future) so if you want to watch it, you’re going to have to get the video and the music CD. If you can rent, I think it’s worth it.

Going to cut this short because I’m tired. Later all.

Remember, paring music with random movies can make the most awesome watching experience. Or at least make a movie worth your time.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.



  1. Ha! That’s awesome. You drag out some of the most frightening movies to watch…

    You guys should watch 10,000 BC sometime. Just have defibrillators on hand…

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