Late Monday Night Movie Double Feature! (Aka-Gladiator and Super Mario Bros.)

So, I’m sure at least some of you might have noticed that there was not an update last week. That is because while there was a movie on Monday, I was not awake enough to notice the plot. I’d been up since Sunday. And then I proceeded to pull two more all nighters during the week. I actually was going to do a post this past weekend, but then I slept well into Saturday and when I got up decided the Sims were much more interesting than any of that writing stuff (this is what happens when you fry your brain. Of course I made my characters into Sims, so I’m not sure it quite counts as a full break.) Anyways, I’ll now treat you to this past Monday’s double feature.

In SCA we watched Gladiator after a rather extended and convoluted voting process. Now, even though this is an actually decent movie (as long as you’re not hoping for historical accuracy) in true college student fashion we had a running commentary in the peanut gallery. It did help keep the creepy incest factor to a minimum. Please be prepared, there is swearing. The S word and the A word to be precise.

A brief summery of the movie: Maximus has an awesome opening battle that’s fairly accurate..until the legionnaires spontaneously break ranks for hand to hand combat. Still a very cool opening fight. Max then is buddy buddy with the old emperor until the emperor’s son, Bat Shit Insane arrives (his sister comes along too). The Old Guy wants Max to take over Empire and turn it back into a republic. Bat Shit Insane isn’t too keen on this idea. He has a mental break down, and invents the father complex before Freud. He then murders his father. With love. Afterward he calls Max in to make sure he, Bat Shit not Max, will be emperor. Max has a mental fart at this moment and decides to do the stupidest thing possible, in this case being to refuse to acknowledge Batty. So, instead of temporarily tricking the insain one and then later reclaiming his rightful place, Max gets arrested and sentenced to death. He’s okay with this until he learns his wife and kid will be killed as well. So, instead of dying like a good general, he kills the executioners and rides off towards home. Somehow Bat Shit fails to notice the death of his men.

After a long and tortuous travel montage in which Max hallucinates visions, he arrives home to find he’s too late. So, he buries his family and falls asleep by their graves. He’s then picked up by Moorish slavers. They take him off to some place in Africa. He’s bought by a gladiator pimp, and then proceeds, after a slow start, to kick ass like the general he is (though he did carve off the mark showing he was a legionnaire). Eventually he makes it to Rome, and after wowing the crowd, pisses off Batty in front of everyone. Batty decides to have him killed, but it doesn’t work, Max is just too bad ass. The Sister comes in sometime here to plan a rebellion against her brother, but her brother’s insanity lets him see right through her. He arrests everyone and has his way with his sister with a death threat to her son if she doesn’t do what he wants.

In the final climactic battle between Batty and Max, there’s lots of fighting, sword play, etc. Very fun to watch. I’ll just say that the guy in the black armor is the hero for once. I think I’d recommend this movie, either for a serious watch or with added commentary.

Our second movie of the evening was Super Mario Bros. the Movie! I unfortunately came in part way through the film so I’m not real firm on some of the plot. I will tell you that while parts of it were a little iffy, on the whole I really liked it an thought it was funny. I’d definitely recommend this one to the geek crowd.

Well, I’d type more but I’m pulling another all nighter working on a paper. See you all later.

Remember, remarking how creepy a character is doesn’t make him less creepy, but it does make it more bearable.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.



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