Home for the Holidays (aka-Restarting the Blog)

So I’ve been home almost a week (it’ll be a week tomorrow) and I still haven’t written a blog entry. But, but..! Yes, I know there’s no excuse. I should at least have been writing a little blurb every night. Instead I’ve been forcing myself to wrap a present every night. That way I won’t have quite so much to do when I come upstairs on Christmas Eve (It’s a tradition of mine to wrap my mother’s presents to my father during the day Christmas Eve, and then wrap my presents during the evening, carrying them stealthily downstairs after all the other presents have been taken care of and slipping mine amongst them). But you could have written during the day, I hear the voices cry (well, voice). And suffice to say I haven’t been entirely sitting on my laurels while waiting for the cows (or Christmas, take your pick) to come home.

This past weekend we had an intense snow storm. I’m sure everyone on the east coast knows about it. Two feet of snow. And given I hadn’t seen snow since early last year (was it last year? Might have been two years ago. I’m confused by college) I have really enjoyed it. Well, the snow part at least. The roads around here are terrible. I’m sure the fact that it snowed two feet in a day had something to do with it, but still, you’d think they could have prepared a little better. I would have been much happier if they had gotten salt/sand down on more of the roads. I was NOT a happy rider for the little bit I was out yesterday.

Why on earth was I out and about yesterday, you ask? Well, I spent the majority of the day over at my Nana’s house shoveling her driveway with my younger brother and then helping her put up her Christmas tree. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but the road down to the hillside where my Nana lives was..interesting. I was tempted to just cover my eyes and pray that Dad didn’t hit anything (my dad is actually the only one driving currently, ferrying all the rest of us around). In the end I decided that I wanted to see if anything was going to happen. I’m calling the experience “white knuckled riding”.

Today has been less exciting, thank goodness. The major thing for today was helping mom with Christmas cookies. Unfortunately we didn’t get around to decorating them. That will happen tomorrow. There will be pictures.

The one thing that hasn’t really happened since I got home is writing (or editing for that matter). I blame part of this on my own lack of time (I’ve been wrapping instead of writing blogs after all). I just haven’t been that inspired to write though. I guess I just need a few good fantasy books to perk me up. Hopefully I’ll get some for Christmas.

Remember, cookie decorating can be just as scary as icy roads, proceed with caution.

Please comment and let me know who’s still reading.



  1. Glad you are safe, presents are nearly wrapped, and you are eagerly awaiting Christmas.
    I know about the “white knuckle driving” we have that when there is ice on the roads, or I let my sister drive… wait I don’t let her drive! Good luck with that!

    Hugs and Merry Christmas!

  2. Driving in the snow/ice is definatly something not to take lightly. I also know about 2 feet of snow over night 😀 Not this year.. yet.. but in years past, we’ve even gotten more.. fun for little kids, not fun for parents (I include myself on the little kid side)

    Merry Christmas!

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