Holidays in New Jersey (aka-A Slapdash Entry)

This is a very quick entry for the blog, mainly because I should have been in bed 45 minutes ago and I’m getting up again in about seven hours (which might not sound bad to you, but I’d prefer a couple more hours of sleep now that I’m finally starting to catch up on what I lost this past semester). I’m going shopping tomorrow with my grandmother, mother, and aunt. I fear I might need prayers and lots of them. They all have such different tastes and interests from me, lord help us if there’s anything we all want to buy (the world may end). I’m sure it will still be a fun experience (shopping with my grandmother is always a workout anyways).

What have I been doing and why haven’t I been online? Well, I was travelling on the 26th. We got in at dinner time and when straight over to my grandparent’s house. Most of the family was there and we had a great time talking, and playing a game (the cousins were all at a table together because there wasn’t room for us at the big table. We get the party table so it doesn’t bother us.) It was LATE when we got back. Last night was a fancy party to celebrate my grandfather’s 85th birthday. Had a very nice time at it and once again got back late. And then when I called a friend I heard about sh*t hitting the fan over at the forum I’m a mod for. Was NOT happy. Therefore I logged on earlier this morning and..well I wasn’t too polite. In fact you could say I was rather cranky. Hopefully I got my point across, though. And then I went off to my Grandmothers where I worked on my newest short story.

So! When last we left our neurotic writer, she was itching to write something, but didn’t know what to write! I had an odd dream on the day after Christmas (that would be the day we left) and have been struggling ever since to get it into a writable form. I’ve managed to transcribe the dream, and finish the prewrite. I’m currently working on the rough draft of the story. It’s going slowly (mostly because I’m a git who is easily distracted by a myriad of things and forgot to bring her MP3 player from the hotel), but I can pretty much assure you that at least the hand written first first draft will be completed by the time I get home. Hopefully I can then either start reading or start editing (probably editing..I haven’t read for this long, why start now?).

Anyway, I’m off to bed. See you all later. There might or might not be new posts until I get back to Virginia.

Remember, mediating my family’s disputes is actually less stressful than college. Who would have know.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.


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