Purchases (aka-Another Slapped Together Entry)

I had an Adventure today with my Aunt, Grandmother, and Mother. After being picked up an hour late (I really wish I could have just slept that extra hour) we started off to Shopping. Unfortunately my Aunt was driving and she doesn’t know New Jersey that well (she’s from California), and then my grandmother fell asleep so she couldn’t give directions, and we ended up in Rural New Jersey. No, I didn’t think it existed either, but apparently it does. Might have something to do with the rich folks (and yes, I’m actually kidding here. I know rural parts exist, it’s just that I don’t get out of the suburban NY suburb where my grandparents live that much. One township bleeds into the next, and it’s all very disorienting to a person like me who grew up in the country where towns are at least fifteen minutes driving time from one another.) So yes, I ended up seeing much more of this area than I ever wanted or needed to. We did end up at the store, but had to call and get talked in.

After that store we were off supposedly to my aunt’s dentist appointment. We ended up at another store instead with the appointment put off until half an hour later than it was originally supposed to be. The store we went to also had some of the most hideous clothing in it. I liked the wraps they had, but wasn’t going to spend twenty dollars for one. Finally headed back to my grandmother’s after a stop at the dentist (my Aunt went in, the rest of us waited in the car). There I had the nap I’d been longing for.

The only real bright spot of the day was what I was able to pick up while shopping. These are my two favorites. Silver earrings with red jasper roses (which I managed to get a really good deal on considering how much they originally wanted), and a white china rose bowl (which was cheap to begin with). I’m going to put potpourri in the bowl. And yes, this does mean Valentines Day is good for something, if only buying the occasional pretty trinket.

I also found out that they’re redoing Clash of the Titans. Not really hopeful about the plot, but at least the CGI and special effects look like they’re going to be better in this one.

Small progress on the writing front. Nothing really worth noting yet.

Remember, adventures are not necessarily fun, but make sure you get any good out of them you can.

PS-Traveling home tomorrow, might not have a blog up.

Comments are appreciated. They make me feel loved.


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